Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with a favorite romantic movie

Below is a list of our favorites, along with the famous duos and the actors/actresses who made the screen sizzle.
My personal favorites list has a lot of classics (in K’s word “oldies”) on it.  I’m always surprised when I’ve mentioned a love story in the presence of a young one and they’ve never heard of it or seen it.  What the….What?!  Therefore, I asked K for her favorites to hopefully round out my list.  Please note that she chose Tony & Maria (Natalie Wood and Richard Beymer) from West Side Story.  Newsflash chick: that’s a classic!
In no particular order, here are my top picks.  You will note that they do not change much from year to year.  I know what I like.

In no particular order:

1. The Notebook –Noah, Jr. & Allie Hamilton. (Ryan Gosling & Rachel McAdams).  A tear jerker.  But the love - I want to live a romance like this.  

2. An Officer and a Gentleman – Zack Mayo & Paula Pokrifki (Richard Gere & Debra Winger).  What we all want - rescued.
3. The Bridges of Madison County – Robert Kincaid & Francesca Johnson (Clint Eastwood & Meryl Streep). Oh my. What would I have done?  What would you have done?

4. Life is Beautiful – Guido Orefice & Giosue Orefice (Roberto Benigni & Giorgio Cantarini).  Now this film is not a typical romance movie.  I must admit when I first started watching this movie, I was like, this is stupid, I'm not watching this.  I am so happy I am too lazy to change the channel because I was totally wrong.  This movie is FANTASTIC. The love this man has for his child is, well, beautiful! 

5. Splendor in the Grass – Wilma Dean Loomis & Bud Stampler (Natalie Wood & Warren Beatty).  This is a tough movie for me to watch.  My own children will not watch this movie with me.  The way she looks at him, ah, the love.  And the heartbreak. Pass the tissues.

6. And then there’s Moonstruck. Sweet, funny, uplifting.
What are your favorite romantic films?

Love & Affection,


Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Welcome February!

Heart cookies back at Eat-N-Park
At least eight days late?? You betcha.  Make a plan, watch it fail.  As I mentioned before, I've been wrestling with a little bacteria known as mycoplasma pneumoniae.  The dry cough that accompanies the infection is simply awful.  Affects day to day operations.  That aside, I am feeling much better.
So, welcome February!  On February 2, Punxatawney Phil saw his shadow predicting six more weeks of winter, which we really haven't had much of at all.  Elliot has been waiting to make snow angels, however, we have yet to have enough snowfall accumulating in the yard to roll around in.  We've barely been able to make snowballs.  On my ride to work today, a guy (who is originally from down South) described Pittsburgh weather as being four seasons in one day.  That's funny, but sort of true. I left my home this morning in 50 degree weather.  If the forecast is correct, I will be going home in rain and it should be snowing by the time we turn in for the night.  C-R-A-Z-Y!
Although February is a short month we've got lots planned.  Stay tuned.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Back to the Land of the Living

Finally! I have a name for what I have been battling for months now - Mycoplasma Pneumoniae. Wow! It's been a rough road.  But. Today. I. Feel. Great!!!!  Not completely out of the woods yet - the cough is still a biotch (I had to look that up to be certain I spelled it correctly), but, today, I feel great, 
It's like every time I set a plan in motion - ROADBLOCK!  Something seems to come up and all my planning was for naught.  For instance, my last paycheck, I was planning to have the car towed to Keith's to see if he could once again save it.  Instead, the furnace went BONKERS!  And I needed to go to the ER and then I needed meds.  Well, you get my drift.  MAKE NO PLANS.  Just go with the flow.  Today, we are going with the flow.  Will it be smooth sailing???  Only time will tell, stay tuned... 
Oh! but being home for 6+ days, I finished watching all six seasons of the U.S. version of Shameless. LOVED IT!  Now waiting for Season 7.  Then I watched the first season of Marcella, was super glad to see it has been picked up for another year.  And then I watched the first season of The Santa Clarita Diet - FUNNY!  I am looking forward to it's second season, too.  Of course, I watched all of these shows on Netflix.  Gotta have my Netflix!

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Happy Chinese New Year/It's the Year of the Chicken!

Chinese Zodiac Dog 2017 Prediction for Chicken Year Chinese Horoscope
1922, 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006 are Years of Dog
Today marks the first day of the Chinese Lunar New Year.  This is China's biggest and most celebrated holiday.  This is the Year of the Chicken.  Every year I look to the Chinese Fortune Calendar  for an in-depth look at what my fortune for this year will hold. This is the only time I will read this fortune until the last few days of December when I will re-read it to see how accurate it was.  (It's been very accurate in years past).  I was born in 1958, my Zodiac Animal is the Dog. Following is my fortune (and anyone else who was born in Dog years).
2017 Year of Chicken

2017 is the year of the Chicken. Chicken pursues perfection, romance, and beauty. Chicken doesn't have any ambitions and quite enjoys an easy life. Dog has a good sense of smell, and is a very alert and vigilant animal. It can make correct decisions based on the circumstances. Dog is straightforward, loyal, and brave. Therefore, it has a strong sense of responsibility. Dog can act as a good safety guard for Chicken. As thanks, the chicken will reward Dog.
Chicken is connected to the season of fall. This is the time of harvest. Chicken is also related to the time period between 5 p.m. to 7 p.m., which is dinner time. Therefore, Chicken is connected to food, fruit, and joyful times. Dog is connected to the earth, hills, and mountains. When Dog meets Chicken, they are a sign of fruits on the ground. Fruits imply wealth. However, fruits on the ground will rot later, which implies a chance of money loss. Chicken's fruits are ready to serve. When Chicken meets dog, the fruit will become overripe very soon.
According to Chinese horoscopes, Dog contains mainly Earth and Chicken contains only Metal. Earth is the mother element of Metal. Dog can provide protection, education, energy, and shelter for Chicken. Metal is the child element of Earth. Chicken is connected to gold, jewelry, and precious gems. Chicken can bring Dog satisfaction, wealth, and happiness.
Chinese Zodiac Dog vs. 2017 Year of Chicken
2017 is the Year of Red Chicken. You were born in the Year of Dog. The following is the Red Chicken year prediction for people born in year of Dog.
When Dog meets Chicken, Dog will happily receive its wealth and make donations.
Career: Wood is connected to Dog's career. There is no strong career sign in Chicken. But Chicken brings money-making opportunity to you. Dog is a mountain. Chicken is also connected to fog. When fog flows into the mountains, it will stop and stay in the valley. The long-lasting fog will bewilder the mountain. That means Chicken will confuse you, and it may be difficult to prioritize and make decisions. If you are already busy in your current position, then don't volunteer to take on more responsibilities. If you are a company owner, then this is not a good time to expand your business.
Job Change: If you have a chance to receive a promotion or a new job offer, then you should skip the opportunity. You cannot deliver perfect results in the near future. It will take a long development cycle to see your best outstanding achievements.
Wealth: Water is connected to money for Dog. Chicken brings many money-making ideas. Snake can help you to bring in extra income in the cycle of Chicken. This is because the Male Fire of Snake and the Female Metal of Chicken have an attraction relationship into Water. Using social networks well can bring you money opportunities.
The mountain of Dog can absorb water very quickly. The money opportunity won't last too long. When the opportunity disappears, you will need to wait for another cycle. Risky investment will cause money loss.
Love: Dog contains mainly Earth, also some Metal and Fire. Dog and Chicken have a little attraction relationship related to Metal. Therefore, they can get along well as good neighbors. But the Fire of Dog puts pressure on the Metal of Chicken. If you are looking for your love, then you must not be too aggressive when approaching new friends. If you are in love, then you need some patience to build a deeper relationship. Do not push your lover for giving you too much love and time. If you are married, then your love relationship is stable. You can focus on your career development or money investment.
Social Circle: Your social relationships are okay. Your new or old friends will bring you joyful moments during the Chicken cycle. But if you focus too much on your own expression or performance and forget other's feelings, then Chicken might feel pressure from you and will want to keep its distance.
Quarrel: If you have an argument, dispute, or lawsuit with someone, then you probably cannot win the case. Processing the dispute will take a long time. It's better to negotiate a truce for peace.
Health: Chicken is related to unhealthy air. Watch out for problems with the nose, bronchus, throat, lungs, and other respiratory system issues. You should increase outdoor activities on sunny days. You can go lakes, riverside, or beaches often to get more fresh air. If you feel any unusual pain or sickness, then you must have a close examination to make sure it's nothing tumor related.

General Fortune: Dog is the time after sunset. Chicken is the time of rest. Dog and Chicken together means it's a time to relax and enjoy your food and life.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

This Past Weekend. . .

Our little guy had a bad sprain over the weekend.  We spent Sunday at the ER.  He had gotten hurt at the park, but walked fine, played all day and evening Saturday with his uncles (ages 7 and 9) and seemed a-okay.  When we woke the next morning he couldn't put any weight on his left foot.  I'm not one to fool around, it was off to the ER for us.  One X-ray and a blue Pediasure Pop later, we were assured it was a sprain.  Elliot was given a dose of Tylenol and a little shoe/boot tied to his foot for support.

We settled in at home, I think most of us napped (what is it about hospital visits that just wear you out??).  Mister brought over pizzas for a little pre-game before the Steelers took on the Patriots.   Somewhere in the second quarter, a little voice asked if we could please watch Monsters University, It's like he knew.

By bedtime, our little guy was up and walking like nothing ever happened. The wonders of naps, Tylenol and animated movies.

Sad loss for the Steelers.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Off the Hook

My Granddaughter asked me to crochet a Caterpillar outfit for her new baby.  So I did.
You can find instructions for a basic baby sack and baby hat at Yarnspirations and/or Red Heart.  A change of yarn color to black and yellow and the above becomes a darling bumblebee outfit (hmm, that could just be my next crochet project).
You can also google "crochet caterpillar pattern."  It's amazing how many versions there are and how many wonderful people are kind enough to share their pattern instructions.
What's on your hook?