Thursday, June 14, 2018

Do you remember YOUR very first vacation?

It’s vacation time! Well, not quite yet.  Our vacation is scheduled for the first week of August.  I was trying to think back on vacations taken as a child and I can think of two trips: 1) the time we visited my Mom’s Aunt in Ohio.  I must have been very young because all I can remember of that trip is their dog’s wheezing and drooling; and 2) my Pap Pap taking us to Presque Isle, with a visit to Niagara Falls.  Or maybe the visits to Presque Isle and Niagara Falls were two separate trips.  I’ll have to ask my Mom.

We filled the sandbox and now it's rained every day!!!!
When I was around the age of twelve, my Dad bought camping equipment, but then we were invited to a picnic on 12 Mile Island (a/k/a Maple Island).  This island is located in Harmarville and sits in the middle of the Allegheny River.  My Dad saw a cottage for sale, bought it, sold the camping equipment and from then on we spent our summers on the island.  Sadly, we no longer have the cottage, I think how perfect it would be for Elliot and Amelia.  However, we are working on making the backyard a summer paradise.  If only it would stop raining long enough to cut the grass!!!

Do you remember your very first vacation???  

Saturday, June 2, 2018

Inspiration and Family Fun

During a recent stint of blog-hopping, I landed on this one: Hearth and Vine.  So much inspiration!!! Anyway, one of the articles - $100  Room Challenge really appealed to me.  This was something that would be challenging, fun and inexpensive.  I am so on board!  and my coming across this NOW is incredible.  You see, Elliot and I are going to exchange rooms.  His room has too many cut-outs, is darker and although the rooms are the same size, because of the doorways, cut-outs, etc., his seems smaller.  Mine is lighter (room faces back of house and gets LOTS of sunshine) and has more room to hold his train table, and tons of toys and books. 

Changing rooms is also a great way for us to clear out the clutter.  I look around my room and see so much that I really do not need.  This is going to be a GREAT challenge!  I will add photos as we progress.

If you were to challenge yourself to update a room and stay under $100.00, which room would you choose????

In other news, we took the kiddies to Zone 28 last night to bowl and play games.  We had a really fun time.  At first, little E was a bit hard on himself when bowling - jeez kiddo, you are only 5!  But then he got the hang of things and had a good time.  In fact, we are leaning towards signing him up for a Junior League at our local bowling alley.  As for Amelia, she is just a bundle of fun.  Kayla and I hadn't bowled in such a long time, but we didn't do too bad.  Later, we ended up at Elliot's 2nd all time favorite - Eat -n - Park for dinner (McDonald's is his first).  Then home to bed.  It was a fabulous family night out.
Kayla and Elliot take a virtual ride

Little E - such form!
Amelia taking aim at the aliens