Tuesday, January 31, 2006

The End of the Month Reflections

This is it, the last day of January. We have yet to have a "real" winter here in Pittsburgh. Maybe we could just skip it this year and have a real good one next. Anyway, January was not a bad month. The Steelers are going to the Super Bowl. My self-evaluation was turned in on time. Kayla is enjoying school (homework is still a struggle - some nights). I did her homework with her on Sunday and it was not a problem at all. Ben started walking. Jabbers and points his finger but no words besides Dad, yet. I am almost done with my first journal in Shimelle's Done and Dusted class. So glad I took it!!! Was hoping to have it all posted here, but I will be making a few more pages than required as I have a few extra photos I want to use. Changed the pages that had Put-n-Bay photos; I'll save those for their own book. Kayla finished a Paint By Number. Lost the directions, so she copied the cover. So cute; I need to remember to get a frame for it. The girls and I (Kayla, Cammi) have a cool weekend planned. It will be fine, just us! Last Friday, Stacey and I went to The Memory Page again to crop. I started and finished a Halloween tag book of Melissa's get together this past year. It turned out really cute. Need to scan it. I think, with the exception of making a dental appointment for Kayla, I was able to cross off a few tasks from my January goals. Tomorrow I will be working on my February goals. It's late - gotta turn in.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Shimelle's Done & Dusted

Shimelle's Done & Dusted class started this week. It is so exciting! Our first book is ROAM. I am using Bazzill Basics 6 x 6 papers and will bind the book when it is finished. Below is my title page (Day 1) SO EASY! I am using my photos taken in Vegas (not too many photos of Vegas, mostly the Hoover Dam and our day at Lake Meade).

Tonight I will be attending an Associated Builders & Construction W Pa meeting at the Rivers Club. Work! Work! Work! BUT tomorrow night I will be cropping at Your Memory Page. Yippee!

Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Hooray, it worked! This is my youngest, my only daughter.

Kayla's Appointment

So, Kayla had an appointment with an orthopedic. She was born with a partial clubfoot. No web toes or anything like that. Though from below the knee to her instep, her left leg is very thin and ramrod straight. Anyhow, her left leg is about an inch shorter than her right so we have a lift put on her left shoe. Well, you all know this child is the love of my life and I've noticed lately that her right hip is a little higher than her left and I started worrying about her spine. Took her to the docs. He took an x-ray which we all got to look at and her pelvis/hip bones look like a seesaw. Right side up; left about 3/4 inch lower. We go back in the summer for more x-rays and tests so the doc can keep track of her growth development. Here are the alternatives: the shoe lift is temporary. Since we do not know what she will look like when she stops growing, we cannot predict that the left leg will stay within an inch of the right. This means there is a possibility that the left leg could be more than 1 inch shorter than the right. Next alternative: stretch the left leg to catch up to the right. This means going to hospital often over a period of time and having these metal devices (they look awful!) put on and ugh! it's too awful. The third (and this is the one the doctor would prefer) slow down the growth in the right leg. This means cutting the growth platelets above and below the knee. This will be done between the ages of 9 and 12; most likely when she is 9 except that we have to discuss her height (does she not grow again? if the right leg grows faster than the left do we do it again? I have a growing list of questions for our next visit. I am praying and praying but I am not sure what to pray for - a growth spurt in the left leg? In both? On the bright side, I have at least two years of prayers for a miracle!

Monday, January 23, 2006

Love the Weekends!

My resolutions/goal for January 2006 are going very well! Just have a few more to complete (goal is not to carry over too many to the next month). Breaking my goals/resolutions into monthly units is going to be much more satisfying. Seeing the results empowers me to complete the rest! Yes! Yesterday took a ride to Nemacolin Woodlands. This place is awesome! I can’t wait to take Kayla and Amanda. Had lunch at The Braddock Inn, a little restaurant/bar next to General Braddock’s memorial. The food at the Inn was awesome. My partner had “All you can eat” Buckwheat Pancakes, sausage and home fries while I, as it being lunch time, had the lunch special which was fried chicken, potato salad, two rolls and some of the best baked beans I’ve ever tasted. Beside the beans there was green pepper and sausage. MMMMMmmmm. After lunch we headed on home to catch the Pittsburgh/Denver game. Steelers won! The City is buzzing! My CJ is almost complete. I am quite happy with it, so far. I still have to create my own entry, but it will be ready to mail on Wednesday. Kayla did some scrapping this weekend and then we played at Barbie.com for the rest of the evening. (Sigh), I hate for the weekends to end!

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Results of Evening Crop

Well, the place was great and friendly! Every half hour the host (Bethany) would announce fantastic discounts on products already on sale!! The evening's total was about $50.00 and that included the fee to crop and pizza for Stacey and I. I hope to go back real soon. Although, I didn't make a dent in my TO DO list, I did get 3 1/2 layouts finished. (Checking out each half hour sale doesn't leave much time for scrapping!) The layouts are: (1) Sugar and Spice; (2) Gung Ho; and (3) Groovy. The 1/2 LO is Profile. Hope to finish Profile, but I am getting Ben overnight tonight and he will take up all of my time. Anyhoo, when I should be child-proofing the house for his arrival, I have instead been putting photos, paper, embellishments and the like together in those fabulous 2.5 gallon size baggies so that I can just pick up a project where ever I am and do something. Last night helped get my creative juices flowing again and I have SO many ideas floating around in my head. I like weekend crops better cause I get so much more done, but I figure if I get organized enough and compile enough projects in baggies I should get so much more done the next time Stacey and I go to The Memory Page. Kayla has company and wants the computer. I'm off to child proof.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006


*Kayla turned 7, Cammi - 3, Ben - 1
*Florida in August
*Joined the Carnegie Museums
*Holiday Laser Show
*Kayla received everything she wanted for Christmas and more
*Two weekend away crops: 1 at a B&B; the other - Ohio
*Amanda and I made French message boards as gifts
*We held our 5th Annual Ornament Exchange
*Bruce came home in early December
*I "discovered" scrapping websites in June
*Created 49 layouts, 7 tags and 1 bookmark
*Began my 5th year at ML
*Lost 30 pounds, kept 20 off
*Amanda bought me a Melissa Frances ribbon holder for Christmas
*Hooked on Ali Edwards' A Designer's Eye for Scrapbooking
*After all the tests, Mom is fine
*The bathtub pipes waited until after Christmas to start leaking into the entry hall.
*Spent New Year's Eve with three of my favorite people: Kayla, Cammi and Ben.
*With the exception of Kayla's doc's appointment (will save that for a later time), 2005 was a good year.

Last night, Amanda, Kayla and I watched "Skeleton Key". We liked it.

Saturday, January 7, 2006

Into a New Year

It's a New Year! How good it feels to "start over". I have been working on my list of goals for 2006 and decided this year to make a goal list for each month. Seeing my goals broken down to cover twelve months looks totally doable and realistic. So January looks like this:

1. Create 2 layouts. This is low, I know, but I have been in such a scrapping funk lately, I am ashamed. 3 LOs completed: Groovy; Gung Ho and Sugar and Spice
2. Create 1 project. There are so many I want to try, but I'll start with just one and I think this month it will be a simple tag book. Idea: Halloween tag book of Cathy's party; FINISHED!
3. Enter at least 4 scrapping contests. 4 entered!
4. Read 1 book. A Place to Call Home by Deborah Smith
5. Save $50.00. You may laugh, but I can spend! Seriously though, I will have new auto insurance coverage starting this month that will save $1,000.00 this year; and (this was SO hard) we switched Kayla's school which will save us a whopping $7,000.00 this year. This decision was agonizing, but her tuition this year was $15,000+ and that's just for First Grade!!!! I prayed and prayed and though it was not what I asked for, God answered and a great financial burden has been lifted. He knows best! Had $10.00 at the end of the month.
6. Lose 5 lbs. I got on the scale this morning and it was already down a few. Yippee!
7. Make 3 Christmas cards. Yes, folks, it's never to early!
8. Take an on-line craft class. I have registered for Stacy Julian's class and one with Shimelle. So that's two, this goal is on its way to being achieved. In the process of taking both classes.
9. Exercise 3 times a week. Okay, did this once so far this week. But promise to walk again today and tomorrow. My daughter and I love Leslie's walking tapes. 1/6; 1/8; 1/9; 1/10; 1/11; 1/12; 1/15, 1/18, 1/19, 1/22
10. Make a difference. Somewhere, somehow, I will. I hope I did.
11. Blog at least once a week. This is great therapy and I love to write (I may not be saying anything) but I feel good. 1/7; 1/10; 1/13; 1/14; 1/23; 1/24; 1/31
12. Organize the Christmas decorations. I do not take all the decorations down in one day. I take the whole month of January with the tree being last. It's lit every night and its so pretty. 1 Box done
13. Work on my style file. I love this idea of Ali Edwards. This way I can get rid of a lot of magazines that are laying around, because I like an article or picture. Magazines purged.
14. Make dentist appointment for Kayla. Yes, this is a goal as I am a procrastinator.
15. Create Circle Journal for Swap (due 1/27). This will be my first and I am so excited about it. Book bought, theme will be Favorites; 1/23 - Inside Cover; Instruction Page, 4 Roll Calls pages complete; DONE AND SHIPPED!
16. Become clutter free. Okay, this will be a long term goal, but this month I am going to start with my bedroom. It currently houses all of my scrap stuff, books, just lots of stuff. UGH! My bedroom done!
17. Make an appointment to have new brakes put on car. Surprise from Amanda - it's done!!
18. Create BD tag for Meg. Completed and uploaded.

Okay, this is a pretty long list, but it's going to be fun to start crossing so much off and then create a new list for February.

Paper scrapping goals for 2006:

Overall scrapbooking goals for 2006: 3/50 layouts; 30 cards; 12 ATC's; 1/30 tags (bd for Meg & gift); 2/12 altered items (CJ; Tag Book)