Tuesday, January 31, 2006

The End of the Month Reflections

This is it, the last day of January. We have yet to have a "real" winter here in Pittsburgh. Maybe we could just skip it this year and have a real good one next. Anyway, January was not a bad month. The Steelers are going to the Super Bowl. My self-evaluation was turned in on time. Kayla is enjoying school (homework is still a struggle - some nights). I did her homework with her on Sunday and it was not a problem at all. Ben started walking. Jabbers and points his finger but no words besides Dad, yet. I am almost done with my first journal in Shimelle's Done and Dusted class. So glad I took it!!! Was hoping to have it all posted here, but I will be making a few more pages than required as I have a few extra photos I want to use. Changed the pages that had Put-n-Bay photos; I'll save those for their own book. Kayla finished a Paint By Number. Lost the directions, so she copied the cover. So cute; I need to remember to get a frame for it. The girls and I (Kayla, Cammi) have a cool weekend planned. It will be fine, just us! Last Friday, Stacey and I went to The Memory Page again to crop. I started and finished a Halloween tag book of Melissa's get together this past year. It turned out really cute. Need to scan it. I think, with the exception of making a dental appointment for Kayla, I was able to cross off a few tasks from my January goals. Tomorrow I will be working on my February goals. It's late - gotta turn in.

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