Saturday, January 7, 2006

Into a New Year

It's a New Year! How good it feels to "start over". I have been working on my list of goals for 2006 and decided this year to make a goal list for each month. Seeing my goals broken down to cover twelve months looks totally doable and realistic. So January looks like this:

1. Create 2 layouts. This is low, I know, but I have been in such a scrapping funk lately, I am ashamed. 3 LOs completed: Groovy; Gung Ho and Sugar and Spice
2. Create 1 project. There are so many I want to try, but I'll start with just one and I think this month it will be a simple tag book. Idea: Halloween tag book of Cathy's party; FINISHED!
3. Enter at least 4 scrapping contests. 4 entered!
4. Read 1 book. A Place to Call Home by Deborah Smith
5. Save $50.00. You may laugh, but I can spend! Seriously though, I will have new auto insurance coverage starting this month that will save $1,000.00 this year; and (this was SO hard) we switched Kayla's school which will save us a whopping $7,000.00 this year. This decision was agonizing, but her tuition this year was $15,000+ and that's just for First Grade!!!! I prayed and prayed and though it was not what I asked for, God answered and a great financial burden has been lifted. He knows best! Had $10.00 at the end of the month.
6. Lose 5 lbs. I got on the scale this morning and it was already down a few. Yippee!
7. Make 3 Christmas cards. Yes, folks, it's never to early!
8. Take an on-line craft class. I have registered for Stacy Julian's class and one with Shimelle. So that's two, this goal is on its way to being achieved. In the process of taking both classes.
9. Exercise 3 times a week. Okay, did this once so far this week. But promise to walk again today and tomorrow. My daughter and I love Leslie's walking tapes. 1/6; 1/8; 1/9; 1/10; 1/11; 1/12; 1/15, 1/18, 1/19, 1/22
10. Make a difference. Somewhere, somehow, I will. I hope I did.
11. Blog at least once a week. This is great therapy and I love to write (I may not be saying anything) but I feel good. 1/7; 1/10; 1/13; 1/14; 1/23; 1/24; 1/31
12. Organize the Christmas decorations. I do not take all the decorations down in one day. I take the whole month of January with the tree being last. It's lit every night and its so pretty. 1 Box done
13. Work on my style file. I love this idea of Ali Edwards. This way I can get rid of a lot of magazines that are laying around, because I like an article or picture. Magazines purged.
14. Make dentist appointment for Kayla. Yes, this is a goal as I am a procrastinator.
15. Create Circle Journal for Swap (due 1/27). This will be my first and I am so excited about it. Book bought, theme will be Favorites; 1/23 - Inside Cover; Instruction Page, 4 Roll Calls pages complete; DONE AND SHIPPED!
16. Become clutter free. Okay, this will be a long term goal, but this month I am going to start with my bedroom. It currently houses all of my scrap stuff, books, just lots of stuff. UGH! My bedroom done!
17. Make an appointment to have new brakes put on car. Surprise from Amanda - it's done!!
18. Create BD tag for Meg. Completed and uploaded.

Okay, this is a pretty long list, but it's going to be fun to start crossing so much off and then create a new list for February.

Paper scrapping goals for 2006:

Overall scrapbooking goals for 2006: 3/50 layouts; 30 cards; 12 ATC's; 1/30 tags (bd for Meg & gift); 2/12 altered items (CJ; Tag Book)

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