Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Kayla's Appointment

So, Kayla had an appointment with an orthopedic. She was born with a partial clubfoot. No web toes or anything like that. Though from below the knee to her instep, her left leg is very thin and ramrod straight. Anyhow, her left leg is about an inch shorter than her right so we have a lift put on her left shoe. Well, you all know this child is the love of my life and I've noticed lately that her right hip is a little higher than her left and I started worrying about her spine. Took her to the docs. He took an x-ray which we all got to look at and her pelvis/hip bones look like a seesaw. Right side up; left about 3/4 inch lower. We go back in the summer for more x-rays and tests so the doc can keep track of her growth development. Here are the alternatives: the shoe lift is temporary. Since we do not know what she will look like when she stops growing, we cannot predict that the left leg will stay within an inch of the right. This means there is a possibility that the left leg could be more than 1 inch shorter than the right. Next alternative: stretch the left leg to catch up to the right. This means going to hospital often over a period of time and having these metal devices (they look awful!) put on and ugh! it's too awful. The third (and this is the one the doctor would prefer) slow down the growth in the right leg. This means cutting the growth platelets above and below the knee. This will be done between the ages of 9 and 12; most likely when she is 9 except that we have to discuss her height (does she not grow again? if the right leg grows faster than the left do we do it again? I have a growing list of questions for our next visit. I am praying and praying but I am not sure what to pray for - a growth spurt in the left leg? In both? On the bright side, I have at least two years of prayers for a miracle!

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