Monday, January 23, 2006

Love the Weekends!

My resolutions/goal for January 2006 are going very well! Just have a few more to complete (goal is not to carry over too many to the next month). Breaking my goals/resolutions into monthly units is going to be much more satisfying. Seeing the results empowers me to complete the rest! Yes! Yesterday took a ride to Nemacolin Woodlands. This place is awesome! I can’t wait to take Kayla and Amanda. Had lunch at The Braddock Inn, a little restaurant/bar next to General Braddock’s memorial. The food at the Inn was awesome. My partner had “All you can eat” Buckwheat Pancakes, sausage and home fries while I, as it being lunch time, had the lunch special which was fried chicken, potato salad, two rolls and some of the best baked beans I’ve ever tasted. Beside the beans there was green pepper and sausage. MMMMMmmmm. After lunch we headed on home to catch the Pittsburgh/Denver game. Steelers won! The City is buzzing! My CJ is almost complete. I am quite happy with it, so far. I still have to create my own entry, but it will be ready to mail on Wednesday. Kayla did some scrapping this weekend and then we played at for the rest of the evening. (Sigh), I hate for the weekends to end!

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