Saturday, January 14, 2006

Results of Evening Crop

Well, the place was great and friendly! Every half hour the host (Bethany) would announce fantastic discounts on products already on sale!! The evening's total was about $50.00 and that included the fee to crop and pizza for Stacey and I. I hope to go back real soon. Although, I didn't make a dent in my TO DO list, I did get 3 1/2 layouts finished. (Checking out each half hour sale doesn't leave much time for scrapping!) The layouts are: (1) Sugar and Spice; (2) Gung Ho; and (3) Groovy. The 1/2 LO is Profile. Hope to finish Profile, but I am getting Ben overnight tonight and he will take up all of my time. Anyhoo, when I should be child-proofing the house for his arrival, I have instead been putting photos, paper, embellishments and the like together in those fabulous 2.5 gallon size baggies so that I can just pick up a project where ever I am and do something. Last night helped get my creative juices flowing again and I have SO many ideas floating around in my head. I like weekend crops better cause I get so much more done, but I figure if I get organized enough and compile enough projects in baggies I should get so much more done the next time Stacey and I go to The Memory Page. Kayla has company and wants the computer. I'm off to child proof.

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