Thursday, February 23, 2006

Up Up & Away

This scrapbook page was done by Kayla. She used Bazzill Basic Paper and Creative Memories Pen. The photos are of Kayla and her cousin Cammi riding the Pitfall at Kennywood Park in the summer of 2004.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Kayla's here today!

Kayla's is off school due to an Act 80 Day, so I brought her to work with me. We stopped at McD's and picked up breakfast. She has been well behaved, for the most part. The boss is in Cancun, so I hope to get caught up on my filing this week. What a weekend! (the following is an excerpt from my Days & Nights Book):
Saturday, February 18, 2006 A.M.: What a day. Knew something was wrong with the furnace, but was hoping it would kick on. Bitter wind today. Kayla and I went to Michael’s for her Art Class; she bought a Keebler candy making kit; then we stopped at Barnes & Nobles; next was Chick Filet for lunch. Her friend Karolina was there and they played for an hour. So good for Kayla. Then we went to Giant Eagle - put her in the nest to play. I only needed to pick up a few things and we decided on Manicotti and Garlic Bread for dinner. Saturday, February 18, 2006 P.M.: Home - heat not on at all. Called Stahl Plumbing & Heating, they can’t come until tomorrow. UGH! Main priority was keeping the water pipes from bursting. Kayla made yummy candy and we ate a good dinner. Amanda went out to Bruce’s. Kayla and cleaned up half the cellar; Mom came in and brought a little heater. Kay and I spent most of the night doing laundry to keep the dryer heating up the cellar; left the oven and burners on all evening and stayed warmed in our living room, snuggling and watching t.v. On top of it all, it was the coldest day/evening of the year!

This is Kayla fingerpainting. One of her favorite pasttimes is painting her body. When she was much younger than this, she painted her body with chocolate pudding because she wanted to be brown.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Scrapbook Answers!

So, Tuesday afternoon I got an e-mail from Barbara Luna of Scrapbook Answers wanting to makeover my "G" LO. Yes, I am so excited! This LO needs something! (It needs alot!) My goal this year is to learn as many new techinques as possible; learn to match my paper to my photos; journal; and "think outside the box", so that I am confident enough to enter CK's Hall of Fame contest. I really thought about it this past year but my photos are just not good enough. My gift to myself this year is going to be a digital camera, so . . . maybe great photos are in my future! Anyway, Kayla is so excited about being in a magazine, so that's cool! I wrapped the LO up and shipped it off yesterday. Getting caught up on scrapping. Stacey and I scrapped last Friday at "Your Memory Page" (our personal favorite) and I got a double LO and 2 singles finished. We are going again this Friday. This little shop has every color Bazzill makes so I can match my photos perfectly! I am buying no more pp until I have used all of mine up and I am hoping to use at least 1/2 of the embellishments I have purchased over the last 1 1/2 years. I need to save for a 12 x 12 scanner (new goal), but the car has over 108,000 miles on it, so it's probably just a matter of time before it gets replaced. Kayla is doing great in school! She really likes it (so far). Cammi has spent the last two weekends with us. Ben should be coming over this weekend. Here is Ben. The chunky button created a shadow and everything I make seems to be on a slant. I just can't see it until I've uploaded. Oh, well. This photo is from his christening which was awhile ago. He's had two haircuts since and is just 1 yr. and 3 months tomorrow.

Well, I guess that's all that's been happening. Beautiful day this morning, but hear it will be 9 degrees on Saturday. Luckily, we have a three day weekend. Hooray! Need to remember to renew our membership to:

Monday, February 6, 2006

My CJ's in the Mail!

This is my "Favorites" CJ Journal which is out there in the big world (currently West VA.). I will get it back in December with the addition of 11 fabulous scrappers' input. This project has been such fun. I recently received my first CJ to make an entry to and I hope I do it justice.

This is a Birthday Tag I made for Angela. I have so many projects to complete this week. I will be scrapping late into the night, but I am finding I am doing some of my best work around 5:30 a.m. (and then it's off to work). The weekend was fab and I have so much to write about, but work comes first. Good day!

Wednesday, February 1, 2006

February's Goals/Resolutions

February 2006 Goals
1. Create 2 layouts. Pool Fun; Profile; Pumpkin Picker, Fountain Fun, Grandma & Me, Girls
2. Create 1 project. Technique this month: Paper Bag Book
3. Enter at least 4 scrapping contests.
Pumpkin Picker (Blink’s Inspire & Grow and BHG Scrapbooks, etc.); Kayla’s Maternal Line (Scrapbook Trends); First Day of Kindergarten (BHG Scrapbooks, etc.); Pool Fun (Becky's Sketch/CK)
4. Read 1 book.
5. Save $60.00.
6. Lose 6 lbs. 3 down so far
7. Make 6 Christmas cards.
8. Take an on-line craft class. Shimelle’s Art Journal Class
9. Exercise 3 times a week. 2/14; 2/15; 2/16; 2/20
10. Make a difference. Somewhere, somehow, I will.
11. Blog at least once a week. 2/1; 2/6; 2/10; 2/16; 2/21
12. Organize the Christmas decorations. 1 more box weeded and sorted
13. Work on my style file and creative journal.
Set up categories; added journaling articles
14. Create 4 Girl and 8 Thanksgiving ATC’s for TTS Swap (due 2/17). All finished and mailed today!
15. Become clutter free. Okay, this will be a long term goal, but this month I am going to start with Kayla’s bedroom. One more pile and its finished! No, just cleaned, need to hang up beads in doorway.
16. Make entry to Tabitha's CJ (due 2/27) done and mailed
17. Create Birthday Tag for Angela (due 2/5) Done & uploaded
18. Create Birthday Tag for Kimberly (due 2/14) Done and uploaded
19. Make 14 Frazzles (due Feb. 27)

Overall scrapbooking goals for 2006: 9/50 layouts; 30 cards; 12/12 ATC's; 3/30 tags (bd & gift); 3/12 Mini Albums (6 x 6 CJ; Halloween Tag Book; Roam (6x6 album (Las Vegas))