Monday, March 6, 2006

Getting Organized in 2006

Like with everything else in my life, I'm behind. One week behind for the Getting Organized in 2006 with HGTV. By e-mail, HGTV sends weekly assignments, so this week (Week 2) I will be getting down to the nitty gritty with Week 1 - the paper chase, clutter, toys, clothes! Unless, one of my kids have taken my many hints to have those two English ladies come clean, I'll be tackling this issue myself. At first, I used to hint they send my name and story to Clean Sweep, but which two rooms would I pick? No, I need the English madames - they actually bring in a cleaning crew. But, I am dreaming. It's Monday - back to work. Dyed the grays last night, our lighting isn't that great and I am going blind, so I'm hoping its not orange as Kayla insinuated.

So last night, I come on-line to e-mail my nephew some family stories when Shimelle send a spark prompt on if you could talk to someone, who would it be. And I'm like, "Wow! It would be my Grandma, I need her to clarify some of the hand-me down stories, cause Mike needs one for a class assignment."

Bruce and Amanda went to the movies yesterday and then they picked up Kayla and I. We headed off to Miracle Mile so I could exchange a shirt at Dress Barn, Kayla could look at the animals at Petland, Bruce could pick up his paycheck, etc. A must needed stop at Starbucks and then we road over to Denny's for dinner. Kayla and I went home to play, bathe/shower, catch Flavor of Love, read, sleep and Amanda stayed with Bruce. Ooh, but when she gets home and sees what Kayla wore to school today - I'll be in trouble!

Checked out the entries in Scrap-A-Latte's March Madness contest - I do not stand a chance, but I love entering contests anyway! Hey, Kayla's Groovy will be in May's Scrapbook Answers - so cool!!!!! Hopefully, its just a start of what's to come this year and next! Okay, I'm dreaming again. Ordered Heidi Swapp's Love Your Handwriting. I have been wanting this for so long and Scrap-A-Latte gave $5.00 GC's for entering the contest (worth it just for that!) so I bought myself the book. Also ordered the Jess Starter Kit and the Bitty Twins Starter Kit for Kayla and Cammi. Now, I just need to find something cool for Ben.

Okay, my work load is growing!

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