Saturday, March 4, 2006

Going Shopping!

It's early. Just waiting for the kiddees to wake up so we can hit the road. We will be cruising past Mom's to pick her up and then we are going shopping! Pittsburgh Mills here we come! On our list are pants for Kayla that actually fit (won't be easy, we usually end up cutting off six inches); and then to the doll store so Kayla can buy a doll she's been wanting for awhile. Of course, Starbuck's is on the list! Barnes & Noble and Old Navy. Maybe the Eagle too to pick up something easy for dinner. And then I must come home and CLEAN! UGH!

Stacey and I cropped last night. What a joy to have a LSS (not so local really), but at least one fairly close to go to once a week. And the goodies The Memory Page has trickling in from CHA! Last night they had out the new Wild Asparagus. It's gorgeous and they have letters and matching borders and flowers!!! Heaven!!!! I did a layout using Gram's picture and Wild Asparagus. Once I get it scanned, I'll post it here. I'm still in the market for a digital camera - just shopping around for the best bundle price package. I won't be going high tech, cause I don't know what I am doing!

Evaluations were moved to Tuesday. Mine will be good (I have a great crew I work with). And I got my three weeks vacation this year, though we are not going anywhere out of PA. Next year though, watch out Daytona - 2 beautiful weeks!

I feel the need to go wake people up. I know my Mom has probably been up for hours.

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