Sunday, March 5, 2006

Sunday Morning

It's early, well, not so early now. The sun is streaming through the windows. So lovely, yet so deceiving. It's probably darn cold out there. Just waiting for Kayla to wake up. The cat is up, he needs fed. Time to start our day.

I entered this little gem in a March Madness contest. Actually, I misread the rules and uploaded 3; they were gracious enough to give me another chance. We'll see.

Shopping yesterday was good. It was Mom, Amanda, Kayla and me. We didn't go to many stores. Only HM, Kayla bought a green top, then on to Limited Too where we found lots of items for her but only came away with a sweatsuit, pair of jeans, and tank top. She played in Playland. Then off to Kaliedeiscope. Fabulous doll store. Kayla has been wanting one of those dolls for so long. She has one now. And Amanda got a toe ring there. Lunch at CJ's where Amanda found a hair in her coleslaw. Not good. After leaving Mom at her house, we stopped at the Eagle and then, finally, home. Kayla and I, we love our home. It's big, old, shabby, cluttered . . . it's home.

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