Tuesday, April 4, 2006

April 2006 Goals

I am late posting these. Here are April's goals. Unfortunately there are a few carryovers from March (not good for progress) and this month is so busy, okay, no excuses.
1. Create 2 layouts. Ben (bling); Adore (Kayla & Ben)
2. Create 1 project; technique for this month: Wax seals
3. Enter at least 4 scrapping contests.
4. Read 1 book. He Shall Thunder in the Sky - Elizabeth Peters;
5. Save $50.00. (200.00) J

6. Lose 6 lbs. 2 down
7. Make 9 Christmas cards.
8. Participate in on-line Challenges: Shimelle’s Art Journal Class (continuing); 21 Day Challenge

9. Exercise 3 times a week.
10. Make a difference. Somewhere, somehow, I will.
11. Blog at least once a week. 4/2; 4/17
12. Become clutter free. Okay, this will be a long term goal, but this month I am going to start with the dining/living/play closet areas. (leftover from March) Kay and I started this yesterday. Dining room is almost finished.
13. Hang beads in Kayla’s doorway. (leftover from March)
14. Hang drapes in bedroom. (leftover from March) Okay, but I washed them this month.
15. Closets/cupboards - in bathroom; living room; dining room; kitchen Ha! Ha! Ha! Maybe next month.
Overall scrapbooking goals for 2006: 23/50 layouts; 30 cards; 12/12 ATC's; 4/30 tags (bd & gift); 9 recipe cards; 5/12 Mini Albums (6 x 6 CJ; Halloween Tag Book; Roam (6x6/Las Vegas); Night and Day; Kayla’s Outdoor Adventure;
Been packing for a weekend crop at a Bed & Breakfast out passed Laurel Highlands. Me, Mom, Stacey and her Mom - Nina. We went last year and it was great! So looking forward to it. Problem is what to take. I am trying not to pack everything (got the big crop case filled and the Karen Foster bag full)! Still need some clothes (and I already have a few scrap items ready to be packed in my suitcase). I have more scrap stuff than I have pictures. Need to remedy that.
Great weekend! Participated in A Cherry On Top's on-line weekend crop. The bingos were so fun! Kayla had a good time too. Treasures to Scrap is having one this weekend and I will be missing it because of the physical crop. Missed the last one because I wasn't hooked up to the internet at home. Hopefully, the next one. ACOT's next on-line is scheduled for the weekend of May 6. This is such a busy time:
April 2: Cammi's 4th BD party
April 3: Target for outfit for Kayla (class going to Heinz Hall for Cinderella performance)
April 5: Kayla to HH
April 7, 8, 9: Crop at Bed & Breakfast Inn - Kayla to Cathy's for weekend.
April 13-17: Easter vacation for Kayla. I am taking the same days off (will be a lousy pay). Only plans so far is going to the movies. Saw Ice Age 2.
April 17 or 18: Buy five door prizes
April 23: Bridal shower
May 5, 6, 7: ACOT Crop
May 5: Evening crop at LSS
May 6: 10:00 - 10:00 Crop at LSS
May 20: Church Rummage Sale - Kayla absolutely loves this event!
May 29: Memorial Day (office closed)
June 3: JR Taylor Bike Run
Wow! what a busy time. And this is just the start of it!

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