Monday, April 17, 2006

Time Flies!

This is a picture by Kayla that she "painted" with the Draw feature of MicroSoft. It is a picture of me and her. I love this child!!!!

Time sure does fly! Easter was, hmmm, okay. You know - the kids strike again. You'd think at 29 and 24 they'd grow up. Not yet! But, that's another post(s).

Anyway, Saturday we took Kayla to see Ice Age 2. It is fabulous!!! Kayla laughed and laughed, really enjoyed it! And we discovered a new flavor at Starbuck's for the warm afternoons - Blackberry Green Tea Frappucino! Doesn't look appetizing, but is delicious! Ben spent the night with us. He is so cute - into everything! I am tired of cleaning the same three rooms! I took Thursday and Monday off and, gosh, I hate to have to go back tomorrow!! Oh, and Friday I noticed the hot water tank leaking - WHAT ELSE!? Thank goodness, George was here Thursday to fix the leaking pipes in the ceiling, today he replaced the tank. I really hope that's it for a looonnnng while! Kayla's Easter DVD is The Chronicles of Narnia. Good movie! Today, the girls went to the Circus (alone time!!!), so I popped in "In Her Shoes". I liked it - but I had liked the book, too. Well, the sun is shining and this is my last day off til Memorial Day (am trying to save those vacation days!), so I guess I'd better get out there and begin preparing the yard for planting. Enjoy!

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