Sunday, May 28, 2006

All's Quiet on this Here Front

Yes! The day started early with Ben and Kayla here. We packed up some crackers and juice and headed to the park where we spent 3 1/2 hours playing. Back home, Kayla's friend came over and Ben's Mom picked him up. After dinner, Amanda took Kayla out to Cammi's house, where Kayla is spending the night. Jayme and Amanda went thier separate ways, and me - ahhh heaven, I am alone until they all come home tomorrow. Tomorrow, I have some cleaning I want to get to, some laundry, a little more yardwork, though the yard is looking real pretty with all the flowers blooming. Monday Kayla has a dress fitting, hers is too long and needs taken up quite a few inches. And then we will have a cookout at my niece's new home.

The rain in Pittsburgh has finally stopped! Today was a grand 78 degrees - love it!!!! Tomorrow is to be even hotter.

I rented "Rumor Has It", so I am going to pour me some fresh ice tea (just made) and I am off to watch it - ALONE!!!!!


  1. Oh, Trish! Enjoy your quiet time ...

  2. Hope you enjoy your quiet time!!! And thanks for the idea... (heads to the kitchen to make some iced tea.)