Monday, May 22, 2006

Ch Ch Ch Changes

If I were asked what I would like most in my life, I'd answer "NO DRAMA". I've had my share. I've been the star of my show. I'd like to be a bit player for a while. But alas, not this year! Amber decided to move back in with Mommy and Daddy. Where does that leave Jayme? To move back in with Mommy. UGH! But, I also get to see Ben more often and that is way cool. He spent Friday night with us and I took Kayla and Ben to see 'Over the Hedge' Saturday afternoon. Ben laughed and slept and laughed some more. Kayla loved it, said it was the funniest movie we have seen to date. I don't know. I think Ice Age 2 was funnier. Ben was here last night, too. So, today Jayme is filing for partial custody. I'm getting ready for a rocky ride!

On the plus side, I went scrapping Friday evening. Here is a result:

The story behind the Boogie Board is that Kayla wanted it. I mean she really wanted it. So we went to the gift shop and bought it. Took her down to the ocean to try it out. She did not like it at all! She has a very healthy fear of the ocean. So, that's it. That's the story of the Boogie Board. $9.00 board for a 2 second ride. That's my girl! Oh, we did bring the Boogie Board home on the plane, too. I didn't want to, but it made it back to Pittsburgh with us. She uses it to practice land surfing.

Okay, back to work!


  1. Can I just say, you are one awesome Grandma!!!! I wish my kids were as lucky as your are to have a Grandma in their lives the way that you are!! you are truly an inspiration to me!!!
    T from TTS!!!

  2. i agree, awesome grandma! What a cute LO too!

  3. Totally agree, you are an awesome grandma, love that title ch ch ch changes, that is so cute.

  4. greatlayout...and yes you are a super grandma!!