Friday, May 26, 2006

Hooray For 3 Day Weekends!

Monday is Memorial Day (translation - 3 day weekend). No major plans as of yet. Maybe driving down to a friend's farm for a day, maybe. Definitely cleaning and rearranging (I love the rearrange) the living and dining rooms. Kayla has a dress fitting Monday afternoon; she is the flower girl/junior bridesmaid in my neice's wedding. And Ben is staying over tonight. Got the results from the blood tests yesterday - thyroid is out of range (again!!!) so the doc ordered more tests from the lab and I guess I'll hear about a medication change some time next week. The bad, bad news is the cholesterol. 277 (194 of it is the bad stuff). The doc has given me three months to get it lowered. So, I am getting out the walking tapes and starting WW today! I am not paying for more meds! Oh, need to put some finishing touches on some LO's I have been working with. I am really pleased with what I have been creating since I started cropping almost every Friday night at the LSS. Can't wait for the new kits from Treasures to Scrap to be unveiled. I still have one kit I want to order from May's selections but May was a bad money month. But June is looking up! Speaking of June, Kayla's 8th bid is on the 11th. She wants Kaya from the American Girl Doll series. I will be ordering at the last minute and then hoping it gets here in time. Well, it's 3:40 p.m. here. Have two more dictation tapes to finish and then, hopefully, can get this desk cleaned up and be on a bus for home!



  1. OMG! Dictation tapes ... I remember those. I didn't think anyone used them anymore!

    Good luck on the AG doll. My girls loved them. We even took a trip to Chicago to the store!

  2. Bummer on the cholesterol and the thyroid issues....hope the walking works.

    Great blog!

  3. Nice blog; love your layouts! Good luck on the health stuff; am hoping to make some real progress this summer too!