Tuesday, May 2, 2006

May is here. . .ALREADY!

Wow! Time really does fly!!!!! It's just breezing us right into late spring. Oh, today is gorgeous. As I got off the bus in town this morning, I stopped in at my favorite Starbucks (where they know my name and my usual morning beverage). On my walk to church, I reflected once again on how much I love my life! Truly! Even though I will always owe taxes on the house and it's always messy, even though I always run short of cash one week before pay day and I HAVE to go to work and all that, I really love my life! There is so much good about it. The grandchildren! The closeness Mom and my sister and I share. My bestest friend and granddaughter, Kayla. We have such a good, giggly time together! The blue sky, grande white chocolate mocha with skim milk and whipped cream, church, the scent of lilacs. My boss brought a bunch of lilacs in for my desk (he does every spring) and it smells SO good in here! May - here already! Today is my brother's birthday; have to remember to call. Late on my May list of things to do. Looking at April's I realize I really didn't accomplish too much that month. So, my list will be longer, hopefully my energy will last longer too! So much to do.

Changes in the air. Kayla is learning to ride her bike without training wheels. Exciting and scary, more independence for her! Bruce is seeing about an apprenticeship in Johnstown - that's about an hour and a half drive. I don't know if I could stand not coming home to Kayla every day. Changes at work. Okay, some change is good.

Gotta go make some lists. Oh, and NSD is this weekend. I have SO MUCH planned and not enough time for it all. A Friday night crop at "My Memory Page" store and then again a 12 hour crop the next day at the same place. But I also want to participate in ACOT's on-line crop. The last one was so much fun! A communion on Sunday afternoon. Oh, need to get Kayla fitted for her bridesmaid dress. Okay, my mind is on a remembering roll now. Gotta go make lists, oh and do some office work, too.

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