Thursday, June 29, 2006

Today is my Friday (it's really Thursday)

Well, I mean at work. Today is my Friday cause I have tomorrow off! Yes!! My sister works for Heinz and it is their annual company picnic and they always have it at Kennywood Amusement Park. Jayme is working so I will be taking Ben (Kiddieland is more my speed these days anyway) and we are taking a little friend for Kayla who will be riding with her Mom on all the big rides. My whole family goes so we have a real good time. And gorgeous weather is predicted!

And I am off til next Wednesday! I have so much planned (I probably won't get a thing done). I am still purging all the stuff in my bedroom. I do have a path from the door to the computer and the bed to the alarm clock. Progress! Oooh, but I have lots of laundry and I promise I am going to have that completely done (and put away) by next Tuesday. For sure!

I received the goodies I ordered from the TTS store yesterday and I have so much I want to scrap. I would like to finish the 6 x 6 mini book I am making of our 2005 Florida vacation. Kayla is going to help so that will be fun!

Happy weekend everyone!!

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Sick, Sick, Sick

So, early Tuesday morning and I am talking early - 2:00 a.m., Jayme decides to go to the Shadyside ER. He had a temp for at least four days and looked pretty bad. So, off we go with him hanging out the window puking the first half of the trip. Get to the ER, only two other persons there, hooray, we will be in and out. No, they put a 7 hour IV in him, take blood, take abdominal x-rays and then we sit, and sit, and sit. And the room is freezing!! As it happens, three cardiac arrests came in after us and they take precedence, as they should. After lots of IV fluid and meds, Jayme looked much better. His diagnosis - extremely dehydrated and stomach flu. He is doing much better now.

So, last night, Kayla is complaining there is something in her throat. I look, groan, get a flashlight, yep, she has tonsillitis. Swollen tonsils, big white spots. Am calling the docs today.

On the bright side of all of this, I was able to scrap . Love that Junkitz Salsa. I have been into paint and foam stamps alot lately. And rubber stamping, too. I didn't think I'd use the Basic Grey Undressed Chipboard, but I was wrong. Love it!!!

Monday, June 26, 2006

Good Morning Monday!

Okay, Friday was Kayla's second growth development appointment. She definitely will have the growth plate operation around the age of 11. The good news is that we have another 3 years of prayers that she grows taller. Right now she is on the short side and when they cut the growth plate, that's it, she will be whatever height she is then for the rest of her days. So, prayers, please!

Went scrapping Friday night and found the cutest 6 x 6 album. It has a bare cover for decorating and it's binder form so I can add, add, add all the pages I need. So, I am finally scrapping our 2005 Florida vacation. This book is perfect and I love the 6 x 6 size. Cute!

The rest of the weekend was uneventful. Ben stayed over. He is such a good little guy. Amanda and I and Kayla and Ben went to the Pittsburgh Zoo Saturday. It was a hot day! But it was good to be out walking. I calculate at least 30 pounds I need to lose. And I am going to!!!! Later that evening, Kayla and I took Ben for a walk until Kayla's ankle started to hurt and the we headed back home.

Sunday was a grey, muggy day. Ben went home, Kay picked a movie for us to watch. Then we made lunch and set up the tray tables on the porch and ate there. Wine glasses and all. (Pink Lemonade). She loves that stuff! Later we walked in the drizzling rain. Made stuffed shells for dinner. Good, quiet day. Got a lot of laundry done. But no scrapping (pout). And I have so much to do! This week, for sure!

Well, I am off to catch up on some of my favorite blogs! Have a good Monday!

Thursday, June 22, 2006

My sweet girl. This is a layout she recently did of her first day of kindergarten. She even used the Fastenator. Her embellies are Jolee's. I love how this child's mind works.

It's been a good week . . . so far!

It has been a good week so far. Last night, Kay and I had blt's and watched her favorite - reruns from the first year of Laverne & Shirley. She loves these! I fell asleep and didn't wake til 10:30. Washed the dishes, filled the tub for Kay's bath, started laundry. Go to get Kayla and she is sound asleep. My fault. So then I cleaned off my computer desk and made a list of the supplies I want to take with to crop tomorrow night.

Right after work I am going to see The Break-Up at the theater in Squirrel Hill. I would have liked to have saved this date for next week cause I have SO MUCH to do. More laundry, pack my croppin' bag, spend quality time with Kayla, and prepare her (and me) for the doc's appointment Friday morning, oh, and so many other little things I want to do before turning in for the night. I definitely need more hours!!!! No, more energy.

Went blog visiting today (a favorite pasttime) and found this on Liz Eaton's blog: The Anywhere Studio. I am always looking for creative inspiration. Thought this sounded interesting, signed up for the newsletter.

Speaking of classes, (were we?) Product Playground Week at Big Picture Scrapbooking began today. The first product we will be using are bookplates. She also included a sketch and I've been thinking of ideas all day. Can't wait to get started on this!

I put my first order in at the TreasurestoScrap store. They just opened this past week and it's all so exciting. If you are in the neighborhood, stop and shop!!!! I am loving thier page kits. I've decided to scrap with page kits from now on. This way here, I will always be up on the latest pp; cardstock and embellies and not have too much of anything sitting around. So, this weekend I am going to really purge my scrapping area. When I think of all the pp I have that I will never use, ugh! The local LSS will take it and donate it to a women's shelter and that's cool!

Okay, I must, must make an appointment to have the car inspected before it is too late. Later!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Went to see Grease at the Benedum last night. It was good! Funny! Seats were great! Eleven rows from the stage, dead center. Ate at Christos Mediterranean Grill - love his Jackie Onassis! The night before was dinner at Benihana. Yum! Yum! Tonight is (drumroll) BLT's in the kitchen. Ta Da!

Oh, I can't wait to go scrapping Friday night. I am itching to get my hands on some paper and embellies!!! I think I get Ben tonight and I must do laundry.

Kayla is so loving Church camp! No fights getting her up in the morning. Her second growth development appointment with the ortho is this Friday. I have a list of questions for him!

Let's see, the newlywed went swimming with the dolphins yesterday and Melissa celebrated her 22nd birthday. Amanda's birthday is coming up fast. She will be 25.

I booked a room for Kayla and I at the Ramada Historic Ligonier. This hotel offered the best Idlewood/Storybook Forest package. I added on a third night. Ahh, room service. Can't wait!

Monday, June 19, 2006

What a Weekend!

It was a fabulous weekend. It started early, Thursday to be exact, with the kick-off of treasurestoscrap's birthday crop. What a great crop! So much fun and action!! The girls and I went to Dress Barn in the evening as we needed new outfits for the rehearsal dinner (any excuse for new clothes!!) Friday was the rehearsal dinner. Saturday morning I dropped the girls off at Melissa's where they were having their hair and make-up done. Then off to Sears with Jayme to buy him new clothes and shoes. Home for a shower and to get dressed and then off to the church where I helped the bride and my girls with any finishing touches. The ceremony was lovely and my girls were breathtaking! (Photos soon!) It was 91 degrees and the church was even hotter. During pictures, Melissa (the bride) became overcome with heat and had to lay down. Plied with root beer and crackers she was ready for the cool ride in the limo to the reception hall. Good food, dancing and fun! Sunday, Kayla and I went to the theater to see Cars. We didn't stay for the whole film (I wanted to) cause Kay was bored. So I put her in the Eagle's Nest and grocery shopped instead. Stopped at Target to see if they at any MM paints but they didn't. Back home, Ben was waiting for us. And that's pretty much the weekend. Now, I am back at work, Kay's at Bible Camp and all's right with our world.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Best or Worst Birthday Challenge

Dum de dum de dum. (Thinking) Okay, oh, this last birthday. December 10, 2005. Yes that was the worst. (The one and only) See, my Mom always buys us clothes and she has good taste and picks the right outfit and I love getting new clothes. This last birthday, she got me a T-shirt that said New York & Co. and a pair of cropped jeans. I never hurt my Mom's feelings (that's my sister's job) but I was so bummed. I said Mom, are you sure you were buying for my birthday cause this outfit is totally meant for Cathy (my sister). You know I own no shirts with sayings and when did you ever see me wear cropped jeans??? I am a sweater set and slacks kind of girl (I know, so 50's). Cathy ONLY buys t-shirts with sayings and logos and cropped pants. So I gave the outfit to my sister and my Mom got me a sweater set for Christmas.

Forgive me for sounding spoiled and for whining. I was ashamed of my behavior and I did apologize to my Mom.

Now, let me tell you about the time I got flannel underwear for Christmas . . . (Mom is still here; hubby 2 is not!)

Monday, June 12, 2006

Kayla is 8!

She's officially 8! Yesterday was her birthday and she was such a delight! She enjoyed her party and all of the gifts she received were a huge hit! Last night, while she was laying in bed she stretched herself out and asked if it looked like she grew. Hilarious!

She helped me scrapped this weekend. I was working on a layout for Angela's stamp challenge over at TTS and she put the paint on each foam stamp for me so that I could work faster on the background. The challenge is to make the stamp the focal point. Here are the results:

Speaking of TTS, please remember to come on over for the crop starting Thursday, June 15th. You can find everything you need to know and also meet some great people here:

  • Treasures to Scrap!!!!
  • Looking forward to seeing you there!!!!

    Saturday, June 10, 2006

    Ten Things About Me Challenge

    This is for the Ten Things Blog Challenge at Treasures to Scrap.

    1. I love to read. Barnes & Nobles is my favorite store. I can spend hours in there (and I do). I can drop (and have) $80.00 in a 15 minute visit. I read twice a day - on the bus to work and on the bus home.

    2. I get up an hour before I need to just to have time to myself. I like to have morning coffee sitting in one of my wicker chairs in my room looking out the window. I am on the third floor of this old house and it's so peaceful up here. That is my time. Once the day starts, between Kayla and Ben, I don't even go to the bathroom by myself. I really gotta get that lock fixed!

    3. I love to go to the movies. Though lately everything I see is animated, I still love going. I love the big screen and the smell of popcorn. And I love that for that 1 1/2 - 2 hours there are no distractions. No phone ringing. Nobody trying to get your attention. Just you and the big screen.

    4. I hate shopping. I hate shopping for groceries and I hate shopping for clothes. I can usually talk Amanda into going grocery shopping (okay, I bribe her most times).

    5. I love my job! Love it! I am a paralegal/admin assistant to a construction attorney. He is rather long-winded so I do ALOT of typing every day. But I love it! Okay, I don't like the filing part so much, but I like drafting the complaints and answers. And I enjoy our clients. Working in construction and for contractors is also a bit of a perk. When the furnace stopped working last winter, who did I call? A client. He also does the plumbing here too. Another put in windows and since we now have a few electricians as clients, I am hoping to get a great price on re-wiring this big old house. After all, it's who you know!

    6. I love, love, love my grandchildren!!! I love spending time with them; getting their point of view; seeing life through their eyes. They are fun and sweet and adorable!!!! And I can send them all home (Kayla downstairs) when they are not being fun and sweet and adorable!!!!

    7. I love chicken, baked, fried, grilled. It's my favorite food. That plus lots of lettuce. And a little olive oil. Yes, I am definitely a chicken and salad person.

    8. My favorite Starbuck's beverage is a Grande White Mocha with Skim Milk. It's my first stop before work most mornings.

    9. I go to church every weekday. There is a church down the street from work that I pass each day and at one time never even noticed. One year, on a Friday, when life wasn't so good and I was in debt and oh, I was just too depressed and didn't know what I was going to do and terrible thoughts were circling my mind, I "noticed" this church. I went in, prayed, prayed and prayed some more, and this peace just came over me and I knew everything was going to be better. And it has been. So, I go to church almost every day (not Saturdays) and give thanks, and pray. Sometimes I even pray for patience so that the attorneys I work for are still alive at the end of the day. (Smile)

    10. I have been married twice. I don't like it.

    Friday, June 9, 2006

    Going Croppin'

    Tonight! Tonight! Tonight! Can't wait. My poor bag is way overstuffed. High hopes I have and I won't even make a dent as usual. However, for Angela's stamp challenge at TTS, Kayla and I stamped the background last night so all I have to do is add a photo and some embellies. So many contests in the wings, too! So, I have my list and am ready!!!! Friday already! This weekend we have a picnic to go to on Saturday and Kayla's birthday party is Sunday. And the weather is supposed to be warm and dry but 40 degrees in the evening - good sleeping weather. Well, happy cropping!

    Wednesday, June 7, 2006

    It's Official!

    I am going to by a Grandma again! Joey and Tera are expecting. Joey told me on Monday, but Tera isn't ready to announce it until she has gone to the doc's so only I know. Oh, and now you know, too.

    So, I don't think I'll have my altered project done before tomorrow to enter the MME contest, but hey, there is next year (maybe). It is beautiful outside today. I can't wait to get out of this office! Kayla and I scrapped together and here is her latest creation. I love this child and I am so glad she likes to take pictures and scrapbook.

    Boss is off the phone, gotta go!!

    Tuesday, June 6, 2006

    Don't Forget to Join Us!!!!


    On fire! Can't wait to get home and begin scrapping some more!! I have so many ideas: want to make a paper bag album of our Florida vacation; new layouts and more Christmas cards. I also need to get my Friday night bag packed for scrapping at the LSS. I also want to pick up one of those new BG Matchbook kits and try one of those. So anyway, here are two new projects. Both were done for TTS June Challenges. For the PLAY BALL title work, I saw this technique in a British scrapbook mag and just had to try it! It looks pretty cool! This layout was for Kim's 'doodle circles and lines' challenge.

    This card was for Terry's card sketch challenge. As Kayla's BD is June 11, it was a perfect sketch for her BD card.

    So on the homefront, Kayla will be finishing up school this week. We have been getting the house ready for her birthday party. She invited 16 girls and her little Uncle David (he is 5 and loves her so much!). Next week we will be busy with last minute details before Melissa's wedding. Dresses have been altered, but I think Kayla needs one more fitting and she and Amanda both need their hair done. Jayme needs new pants and shoes and I, well, I have no idea what I need. I'll panic the morning of and be running around foolishly.

    The rain has stopped (finally) and the Three Rivers Art Festival is going on. I think I'll walk through it at lunch.

    Hope you are all having a scrapping good time!!

    Friday, June 2, 2006

    Get Ready for FUN!!!!!




    FUN, FUN, FUN!

    Thursday, June 1, 2006

    It's June!


    I thought of a challenge to post at TTS. Ooh, and Kimberly came up with a great doodle challenge I am excited to get working on. I have yet to doodle so this will be a first.

    Took Kayla out on her bike last night (took the camera, too!). Hope the photos turn out.

    Thunder last night and Kay and I were watching music videos on the PC. So, I did what I always do - get out the candles, just in case. Lit a wooden match, it broke, the lit end fell in my lap and my nightie caught fire! I jumped and the match fell to the floor. Luckily, everything was okay, except for a burned hole along the hem of the nightie. It was scary!!! So, this weekend, I am going to go buy some of those Bic or Flair lighters that have the long ends.

    Wrote out invites for Kay's 8th BD party (June 11). I was hoping she would take my suggestion, invite 3-4 girls and we could go to the movies and see "Cars". Nope, she wants a party at home and invited 16 girls. So, I'm cleaning this weekend!

    And scrapping! Scrapping! Scrapping! Scrapping! I have so many ideas. And I want to post my June challenge on TTS but think I should make a layout first. I hope it turns out. And I can't wait to do Kim's challenge.

    Fun! Fun! Fun! Now, back to work! Oh, but speaking of fun, above right is a layout I did just for fun. Kayla was being silly with my Mom's (her Nan's) glasses.