Thursday, June 22, 2006

It's been a good week . . . so far!

It has been a good week so far. Last night, Kay and I had blt's and watched her favorite - reruns from the first year of Laverne & Shirley. She loves these! I fell asleep and didn't wake til 10:30. Washed the dishes, filled the tub for Kay's bath, started laundry. Go to get Kayla and she is sound asleep. My fault. So then I cleaned off my computer desk and made a list of the supplies I want to take with to crop tomorrow night.

Right after work I am going to see The Break-Up at the theater in Squirrel Hill. I would have liked to have saved this date for next week cause I have SO MUCH to do. More laundry, pack my croppin' bag, spend quality time with Kayla, and prepare her (and me) for the doc's appointment Friday morning, oh, and so many other little things I want to do before turning in for the night. I definitely need more hours!!!! No, more energy.

Went blog visiting today (a favorite pasttime) and found this on Liz Eaton's blog: The Anywhere Studio. I am always looking for creative inspiration. Thought this sounded interesting, signed up for the newsletter.

Speaking of classes, (were we?) Product Playground Week at Big Picture Scrapbooking began today. The first product we will be using are bookplates. She also included a sketch and I've been thinking of ideas all day. Can't wait to get started on this!

I put my first order in at the TreasurestoScrap store. They just opened this past week and it's all so exciting. If you are in the neighborhood, stop and shop!!!! I am loving thier page kits. I've decided to scrap with page kits from now on. This way here, I will always be up on the latest pp; cardstock and embellies and not have too much of anything sitting around. So, this weekend I am going to really purge my scrapping area. When I think of all the pp I have that I will never use, ugh! The local LSS will take it and donate it to a women's shelter and that's cool!

Okay, I must, must make an appointment to have the car inspected before it is too late. Later!

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