Thursday, June 1, 2006

It's June!


I thought of a challenge to post at TTS. Ooh, and Kimberly came up with a great doodle challenge I am excited to get working on. I have yet to doodle so this will be a first.

Took Kayla out on her bike last night (took the camera, too!). Hope the photos turn out.

Thunder last night and Kay and I were watching music videos on the PC. So, I did what I always do - get out the candles, just in case. Lit a wooden match, it broke, the lit end fell in my lap and my nightie caught fire! I jumped and the match fell to the floor. Luckily, everything was okay, except for a burned hole along the hem of the nightie. It was scary!!! So, this weekend, I am going to go buy some of those Bic or Flair lighters that have the long ends.

Wrote out invites for Kay's 8th BD party (June 11). I was hoping she would take my suggestion, invite 3-4 girls and we could go to the movies and see "Cars". Nope, she wants a party at home and invited 16 girls. So, I'm cleaning this weekend!

And scrapping! Scrapping! Scrapping! Scrapping! I have so many ideas. And I want to post my June challenge on TTS but think I should make a layout first. I hope it turns out. And I can't wait to do Kim's challenge.

Fun! Fun! Fun! Now, back to work! Oh, but speaking of fun, above right is a layout I did just for fun. Kayla was being silly with my Mom's (her Nan's) glasses.


  1. Whhohoooo can't wait to see your challenge and learn from you!!!
    You will be an awesome GDT!!!
    I am just learning the doodle thing to, so this will be a fun adventure to go on!!

  2. Trish ... I'm been avoiding the whole doodling issue ... but your challenge looks awesome!