Saturday, June 10, 2006

Ten Things About Me Challenge

This is for the Ten Things Blog Challenge at Treasures to Scrap.

1. I love to read. Barnes & Nobles is my favorite store. I can spend hours in there (and I do). I can drop (and have) $80.00 in a 15 minute visit. I read twice a day - on the bus to work and on the bus home.

2. I get up an hour before I need to just to have time to myself. I like to have morning coffee sitting in one of my wicker chairs in my room looking out the window. I am on the third floor of this old house and it's so peaceful up here. That is my time. Once the day starts, between Kayla and Ben, I don't even go to the bathroom by myself. I really gotta get that lock fixed!

3. I love to go to the movies. Though lately everything I see is animated, I still love going. I love the big screen and the smell of popcorn. And I love that for that 1 1/2 - 2 hours there are no distractions. No phone ringing. Nobody trying to get your attention. Just you and the big screen.

4. I hate shopping. I hate shopping for groceries and I hate shopping for clothes. I can usually talk Amanda into going grocery shopping (okay, I bribe her most times).

5. I love my job! Love it! I am a paralegal/admin assistant to a construction attorney. He is rather long-winded so I do ALOT of typing every day. But I love it! Okay, I don't like the filing part so much, but I like drafting the complaints and answers. And I enjoy our clients. Working in construction and for contractors is also a bit of a perk. When the furnace stopped working last winter, who did I call? A client. He also does the plumbing here too. Another put in windows and since we now have a few electricians as clients, I am hoping to get a great price on re-wiring this big old house. After all, it's who you know!

6. I love, love, love my grandchildren!!! I love spending time with them; getting their point of view; seeing life through their eyes. They are fun and sweet and adorable!!!! And I can send them all home (Kayla downstairs) when they are not being fun and sweet and adorable!!!!

7. I love chicken, baked, fried, grilled. It's my favorite food. That plus lots of lettuce. And a little olive oil. Yes, I am definitely a chicken and salad person.

8. My favorite Starbuck's beverage is a Grande White Mocha with Skim Milk. It's my first stop before work most mornings.

9. I go to church every weekday. There is a church down the street from work that I pass each day and at one time never even noticed. One year, on a Friday, when life wasn't so good and I was in debt and oh, I was just too depressed and didn't know what I was going to do and terrible thoughts were circling my mind, I "noticed" this church. I went in, prayed, prayed and prayed some more, and this peace just came over me and I knew everything was going to be better. And it has been. So, I go to church almost every day (not Saturdays) and give thanks, and pray. Sometimes I even pray for patience so that the attorneys I work for are still alive at the end of the day. (Smile)

10. I have been married twice. I don't like it.


  1. You don't like shopping..ok..we can't be friends!!!! ;o) j/k....the whole married thing...I can relate to...been married twice and not sure if I like it either!

  2. I also hate grocery shopping, I put it off as long as I can.

  3. love your ten things list...its been a pleasure getting to know you a little bit more! i had a good chuckle about praying for the attorneys lolol....xoxoxo