Monday, June 19, 2006

What a Weekend!

It was a fabulous weekend. It started early, Thursday to be exact, with the kick-off of treasurestoscrap's birthday crop. What a great crop! So much fun and action!! The girls and I went to Dress Barn in the evening as we needed new outfits for the rehearsal dinner (any excuse for new clothes!!) Friday was the rehearsal dinner. Saturday morning I dropped the girls off at Melissa's where they were having their hair and make-up done. Then off to Sears with Jayme to buy him new clothes and shoes. Home for a shower and to get dressed and then off to the church where I helped the bride and my girls with any finishing touches. The ceremony was lovely and my girls were breathtaking! (Photos soon!) It was 91 degrees and the church was even hotter. During pictures, Melissa (the bride) became overcome with heat and had to lay down. Plied with root beer and crackers she was ready for the cool ride in the limo to the reception hall. Good food, dancing and fun! Sunday, Kayla and I went to the theater to see Cars. We didn't stay for the whole film (I wanted to) cause Kay was bored. So I put her in the Eagle's Nest and grocery shopped instead. Stopped at Target to see if they at any MM paints but they didn't. Back home, Ben was waiting for us. And that's pretty much the weekend. Now, I am back at work, Kay's at Bible Camp and all's right with our world.

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  1. oh i thought Cars was cute!!!!! took my 4 kids and one little guy i was watching....they loved it! Sounds like you had a busy weekend!