Friday, July 28, 2006

My Latest Creation

Yes! Blogger Photo does work! Sheesh, I have been struggling trying to get this loaded. Product Playground's 5th week's theme was an assortment of rub-ons. I really like this layout. These photos were taken just a few weeks ago, Kayla finally gave us the okay to take off the training wheels! She holds on to stuff for so long!! A true pack-rat in the making. She is SO PROUD of herself and we are SO PROUD of her.
Going cropping tonight and to an 8 hour crop tomorrow at the LSS. Can't wait. It is the end of the month and I have SO much to do! Challenges (there are about a dozen); at least 4 more contests; and tons of swaps. And the girls and I are out of town next weekend, so there will be limited scrapping then. I have to come up with a better schedule, the current one is just not working. Between work, housework, and watching grandchildren, I have no me time. Hmmm, it's time to make a new list! I love lists! I love to cross things off. Yes, that's just what I need, a new list. Okay, off to create one! Happy Friday!!

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Nothing to Report

Not much going on here. Good weather. The kiddies played in the pool all day yesterday. Amanda kept Ben and Cammi, so Kayla had playmates. I, of course, was here at the office all day. By the time I got home, everyone was gone. But I was too exhausted anyway. At 8:00 I had to apologize to Kayla and go to bed. I started the Weight Watchers points program on Monday and am doing okay, so far. I'll start exercising next week. I sure hope this helps in the energy department. The doc gave me three - six months to lose the weight and then we'll retest the cholesterol. There is no way I am paying for another prescription! Hopefully if we can get the cholesterol down, the TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) will get itself together and the next reading will be on the charts. UGH!

Okay, just rambling. This blogger is sucking lately. Too slow and I can't get any layouts uploaded. Frustrating.

Hey, I really am in a good mood! Hard to tell I know. Okay, I need coffee. I'll be back later with a more positive outlook!!!

Monday, July 24, 2006

Cold Front Has Moved Through

Yep! We had rain and degrees around 70-79. That was our cold front. And it was appreciated! Great weekend!! Scrapping on Friday and then off to Stacey's trailer. What a relaxing weekend! I so needed it. Just sitting around catching up on mags, finishing a book, watching TLC all day Saturday, eating at a great restaurant for lunch on the river (both days!), meeting one of their friends who joined us for a steak dinner, carousing in a golf cart, late evening walk, finally bed. No sleeping in Sunday, just more needed laziness! So indulgent! What a weekend!!!

Then home. And they all survived without me! I worry too much, I know. But mostly that the little ones get fed, and hugged enough, and played with and listened to. All the things that I make sure I do cause I them so much!! Kayla and I just hugged and hugged! I knew she would miss me the most. She didn't leave my side for the rest of the evening. She already called me here at work. I can't wait to go home and hug that little lady. Ben came over, too. He has a new Buzz Lightyear. He is so darn cute (Ben, that is)! Just goes on and on in some language we've never heard. Oooh, and a temper!!! Ugh!

Hope you all had a great weekend!!

Friday, July 21, 2006

I'll Be Missing You, Kayla!

Going scrapping tonight! I will be working with lots of rub-ons (this weeks Product Playground theme); scrapping Kayla riding her bike without training wheels (yea!) and working more on our Florida album. Then I will be going straight to Stacey's trailer for the weekend for good conversation, food, swimming and more scrapping!!! Oh, so many swaps going on at TreasurestoScrap. Exciting!! I've joined the recipe swap; page kit swap; alphabet swap and another CJ. TTS really makes scrapping exciting. Add to that all of their challenges! One busy season!!

Mom and I went to her cousin Theresa's home last night; joined by their cousin Kathy; and sat around the picnic table eating pizza, drinking wine and just kibbitzing. Lovely evening. Then back home to my Kaylabear who I will be MISSING SO MUCH this weekend!!! But, she will be going to the Zoo and having another game night with her Mom, helping Jayme watch Ben, etc. She's such a joy to be with.

Okay, I promised to kick butt at work today, so I better get cracking! Happy Weekend to all!!!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

What's Going On?

So, what's going on in your neck of the woods? Woods - that's where I'd like to be right now. In the midst of woods - shaded, cool. We are experiencing temps of 90 degrees plus. I know for some 90 is nothing compared to 100+ and while I like it hot cool evenings would be appreciated. We do not have air conditioning so last night was pretty tough. Okay, enough about that.

Our house was built in 1915. I just discovered this and am thinking of a trip to the Recorder of Deeds to trace its former inhabitants. I think this would make a great scrap page.

Speaking of scrapping, Week 4 of Product Playground (Big Picture Scrapbooking) was playing with chipboard. Boy did I play! I took a 4 x 6 photo and mounted it on a thick 4 x 6 chipboard (covered that with pink WA) and sanded the edges of both the photo and chipboard; did the same with the quote; used a BG Undressed Chipboard Monogram, covered it with pink WA then stamped it using Stampin Up tiny roses stamp and green Colorbox Chalk, sanded the edges; took thin cardstock and cut out letters using Sizzix and used the same technique as with the Monogram. Sewed the pearls to the paper. Added ribbon and flowers. Don't you just love the Wild Asparagus!

Bad weekend. Friday was good, but Saturday I fell into a funky depression. Not good. Glad it does not happen all that often. I think my kids were ready to move out. Had Ben and Kayla. My shining stars! Sunday, Kayla and I packed a lunch and came downtown so she could run in the fountains. This year children need to wear a tee shirt. Some new law. Well, we didn't grab a tee shirt, just shorts, so we came to the air conditioned office and played a bit. Had our lunch outside where there was shade and a breeze from the river. Later, she and Amanda went out to visit Cammi. Tera is starting to show and we figure she is due around February. Let's see, yesterday - work; Kayla rode her bike to the store for a milk and a snack. She is so wonderfully talkative and just blows me away with her grown up way of talking.

Well, I guess that's it. There are so many contests and challenges lately, I have to make a list so I know what to work on this week.

Happy scrapping!

Friday, July 14, 2006

Scrapping Tonight!

Oh yeah! I can not wait until 5:00 p.m. and then Stacey and I are off to Your Memory Page to scrap the night away! Goodie! This week's Product Playground theme is chipboard. I have acquired a goodly sum of chipboard, in part thanks to TTS's fabulous monthly kits; and two BG Undressed Chipboards (monograms and the other is photo turns, hinges, etc.) as fabulous gifts! I have a great idea on how I am going to dress these up without using paint like I usually do. Can't wait to try it! Stopped at CVS on the way in this morning and picked up three rolls of developed film. Yes!! New photos to scrap. A few good ones of Kayla and Amanda in their wedding party finery. Kayla is not smiling in too many of those photos - what a grump; but she is way happy in the photos of her riding her bike without training wheels. Which reminds me, I have some I want to scan and resize. Gotta get busy!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Getting it Down on "Paper"

First off, Happy Birthday, Amanda! My baby is 25 today!!! Her big night out was going to be to a Members Only event at the Zoo, but it has been raining pretty good all day, so I'm thinking Kayla and I will step up the movie theater surprise (we were going to take Amanda to see The Pirates of the Caribbean 2 on Saturday) to tonight.

Okay, I have been wanting to journal this past weekend before I forget, so here is my recap. Friday, hmm, work, oh gosh, how could I forget. Fridays are my big nights out! Scrapping at our LSS. I purchased the store's July Page Contest Kit and worked on that for most of the evening and then worked more on mine and Kayla's 6 x 6 layouts of our Florida vacation. Saturday afternoon, Kayla and I scrapped and got a few more done. This is going to be an ongoing project as I realized on Saturday that we took more rolls than I had initially remembered.

Saturday morning, Kayla and I got up early, dropped off some rentals at Blockbuster, stopped in at Starbucks for early morning Mocha (for me) and Peppermint Hot Chocolate for Kay. Then off to Yankee Candle where Kayla bought her Mom one of those 18 packs of single candles. Kayla had a good time choosing the scents. My Mom and sister joined us for lunch and we had birthday cake. After cleaning off the table, we all played Kayla's electronic UNO Disney. What fun! Then Kayla and I scrapped, and then I took her to Crazy Park where we spent at least 4+ hours. I got to read the latest Creating Keepsakes and she had a good time playing.

Sunday afternoon, Kayla and Amanda and I went to the Zoo where we had lunch. Amanda and I are really into the walking. If we are going to be walking for long hours, we rent a wagon to pull Kayla in. We gave Kayla the camera and she had so much fun taking pictures. Can't wait to see what they look like!

Put Manicotti on for dinner and later pulled out the water colors and a large canvas for Kayla to paint. Good, good weekend!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Paige's Blog Challenge

I am so behind and have so much good stuff to post after this weekend, but that will have to wait til later. Right now, I need to catch up. So, here are the responses to Paige's TTS Blog Challenge:

Here's the down low on the song selection on my Videocure. The songs listed are Kayla's current faves. They do not necessarily reflect the music I would listen to (I do like a lot of it though). She gets such enjoyment of being able to watch her fave songs and I don't mind sharing my blog with her!

1. Do you like music videos on blogs? Why or why not?? I like them. Though I don't watch music videos on tv, I do enjoy them on the pc. I also like seeing what other bloggers have on theirs.

2. What is your favorite all time song and why? I'll Be Around - The Spinners. I love this song. I love the instrumental; this song moves me.
3. What is your favorite current song and why? Hips Don't Lie - Shakira. Love the beat, love the video! Oh, if only I could shake my hips like that!
4. Do you and your significant other have a "song"? I Ain't Missing You At All. I know that's not what the song means - he really does miss her, but in my case - we do not miss each other at all!
5. What song old or new best describes who you are? Well, my Mom always said "Jackie Blue". I can't think off hand who sang this. But one of the lines was "Give her an inch, she'll take a mile."

Wednesday, July 5, 2006

June's Round Up

June 2006 Round-Up (See The Roundup for details)
What books and/or magazines did I read this month? Magazines! I love magazines. BUT, I am trying to cut back. This past month, besides my usual scrap mags, I read Mary Englebreit's Home Companion and Guideposts. As for books, I read Goodbye Jimmy Choos by Annie Sanders.
What movies and/or tv shows did I watch this month? Kayla and I rented Dark Water and we went to the theater to see Cars. I saw The Break-Up and a production of Grease.
What special days did I celebrate and how? Kayla's 8th birthday was June 11. It fell on a Sunday which was perfect. Amanda and Jayme decorated the dining room with streamers, banners and balloons. Kayla invited over a few friends. My family joined us. After eating cake and opening presents, the girls surprised us all by choosing to watch Nanny McPhee over going outside to play.
What illnesses or health concerns did I have in June? Need to lose weight, but that's every month. Cholesterol is up and of course thyroid is off again. Jayme's viral infection (he's all better). Kayla growth development appointment. Kayla's tonsilitis.
What fun things did I do with my friends and/or family? Hmm, I always have a good time with my family. Let's see, there was the Heinz picnic at Kennywood Park (rides, fireworks, food, Bingo), movies with Kay, Melissa's wedding on June 17, the rehearsal dinner on the 16th. And the everyday things, like it's been raining here a lot, so just walking in the rain with Kayla.
What new foods, recipes or restaurants did I try in June? I didn't cook anything new that I can recall. No new restaurants either. New restaurant for us was Palmeri's; and then just the regulars: Christos, Aladdins, and Kayla's favorites: Applebee's and Eat-n-Park.
What special or unusual purchases did I make? Nothing unusual. No new scrapping tools; nothing new for the house. New clothes for all of us though. (Used the wedding, the rehearsal dinner and Kennywood as excuses).
What were this month’s disappointments? Joey and Tera's behavior. Amanda's inability to see what a crud Kayla's father is. Knowing the car would need a lot to pass inspection. Jayme moving back home. I mean, when is it my time?????
What were my accomplishments this month? (1) Being June GDT for TreasurestoScrap. Such an honor!!! (2) Scrapped more. Am closer to my goal of 50 layouts for the year. Had I known that I would be scrapping almost every Friday night, I would have set this higher. No matter.
Anything else noteworthy to record about June? All in all, June was a good month. Got caught up on all the bills but the light and still chipping away at the real estate taxes. The school year ended and Kayla will be going on to second. Also discovered this cool site for staying up with scrap contests and what is due when: Pub's Calendar.