Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Getting it Down on "Paper"

First off, Happy Birthday, Amanda! My baby is 25 today!!! Her big night out was going to be to a Members Only event at the Zoo, but it has been raining pretty good all day, so I'm thinking Kayla and I will step up the movie theater surprise (we were going to take Amanda to see The Pirates of the Caribbean 2 on Saturday) to tonight.

Okay, I have been wanting to journal this past weekend before I forget, so here is my recap. Friday, hmm, work, oh gosh, how could I forget. Fridays are my big nights out! Scrapping at our LSS. I purchased the store's July Page Contest Kit and worked on that for most of the evening and then worked more on mine and Kayla's 6 x 6 layouts of our Florida vacation. Saturday afternoon, Kayla and I scrapped and got a few more done. This is going to be an ongoing project as I realized on Saturday that we took more rolls than I had initially remembered.

Saturday morning, Kayla and I got up early, dropped off some rentals at Blockbuster, stopped in at Starbucks for early morning Mocha (for me) and Peppermint Hot Chocolate for Kay. Then off to Yankee Candle where Kayla bought her Mom one of those 18 packs of single candles. Kayla had a good time choosing the scents. My Mom and sister joined us for lunch and we had birthday cake. After cleaning off the table, we all played Kayla's electronic UNO Disney. What fun! Then Kayla and I scrapped, and then I took her to Crazy Park where we spent at least 4+ hours. I got to read the latest Creating Keepsakes and she had a good time playing.

Sunday afternoon, Kayla and Amanda and I went to the Zoo where we had lunch. Amanda and I are really into the walking. If we are going to be walking for long hours, we rent a wagon to pull Kayla in. We gave Kayla the camera and she had so much fun taking pictures. Can't wait to see what they look like!

Put Manicotti on for dinner and later pulled out the water colors and a large canvas for Kayla to paint. Good, good weekend!

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