Friday, July 28, 2006

My Latest Creation

Yes! Blogger Photo does work! Sheesh, I have been struggling trying to get this loaded. Product Playground's 5th week's theme was an assortment of rub-ons. I really like this layout. These photos were taken just a few weeks ago, Kayla finally gave us the okay to take off the training wheels! She holds on to stuff for so long!! A true pack-rat in the making. She is SO PROUD of herself and we are SO PROUD of her.
Going cropping tonight and to an 8 hour crop tomorrow at the LSS. Can't wait. It is the end of the month and I have SO much to do! Challenges (there are about a dozen); at least 4 more contests; and tons of swaps. And the girls and I are out of town next weekend, so there will be limited scrapping then. I have to come up with a better schedule, the current one is just not working. Between work, housework, and watching grandchildren, I have no me time. Hmmm, it's time to make a new list! I love lists! I love to cross things off. Yes, that's just what I need, a new list. Okay, off to create one! Happy Friday!!

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