Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Paige's Blog Challenge

I am so behind and have so much good stuff to post after this weekend, but that will have to wait til later. Right now, I need to catch up. So, here are the responses to Paige's TTS Blog Challenge:

Here's the down low on the song selection on my Videocure. The songs listed are Kayla's current faves. They do not necessarily reflect the music I would listen to (I do like a lot of it though). She gets such enjoyment of being able to watch her fave songs and I don't mind sharing my blog with her!

1. Do you like music videos on blogs? Why or why not?? I like them. Though I don't watch music videos on tv, I do enjoy them on the pc. I also like seeing what other bloggers have on theirs.

2. What is your favorite all time song and why? I'll Be Around - The Spinners. I love this song. I love the instrumental; this song moves me.
3. What is your favorite current song and why? Hips Don't Lie - Shakira. Love the beat, love the video! Oh, if only I could shake my hips like that!
4. Do you and your significant other have a "song"? I Ain't Missing You At All. I know that's not what the song means - he really does miss her, but in my case - we do not miss each other at all!
5. What song old or new best describes who you are? Well, my Mom always said "Jackie Blue". I can't think off hand who sang this. But one of the lines was "Give her an inch, she'll take a mile."


  1. Ain't missin' him at all, huh!! Too funny!!! Thanks for doing the challenge.