Wednesday, August 30, 2006

New Beginnings

That's how I feel about September. New beginnings. New school year. We are moving into a new season - Fall - my favorite!!! Kayla started school on Monday and she was happy!!! And that makes us happy!!! Okay, so, I have been copying from Pub's Calendar alot of new and upcoming contests. I am going to up my quota this month and just enter everything. It truly does not matter if my work is selected - its the challenge. The knowing that you have stuff out there and there is a good possibility it may get picked for a great prize. And if not, who cares, you have a great layout to pass down to your children.

On my list for things to do before the end of this month: The monthly roundup; finish cleaning my bedroom (this has been an ongoing project!); update my planner; register for the Zoo Overnights; fix the dryer and the front screen door.

My latest and greatest layout which is my submission for TreasuredScrapbooking's August Newsletter Sketch Contest. I used 3 Bugs in a Rugs for the pp and quote and their monograms as templates for the word Joy; also Prima flowers; Colorbok sequins; HOTP ribbon; and Magic Mesh. I love it!!! The photo is Kayla playing in the fountain at PPG Square, Downtown, Pittsburgh.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

This little gem was created by Kayla. It was for Round 2 of the Effer's 13 photos challenge. We didn't move on to Round 3 but we are going to complete the challenge at home. I love this little grandbaby of mine. She just amazes me. Her creations are all her own, she is not one for taking advice. I just lay everything out there for her and watch her create.

School starts Monday. A new school year, a new beginning. AND these next four months, September, October, November and December are my favorites out of the whole year. So much hustle and bustle with the new school year and all the holidays and upcoming celebrations. The beauty of fall and winter. I get so excited just thinking about it!! I can't wait to start decorating for Halloween.

Speaking of Halloween, though we skipped last year, we are resuming our traditional Halloween party. Amanda and I have been teaching Kayla to cook so we have put her in charge of the children's menu. She is so into cooking. On Saturday mornings, instead of watching cartoons, she watches the Food Network. She wants one of Paula Dean's cookbooks for Christmas.

On today's list: Continue cleaning bedroom (this includes cleaning out drawers, closets and getting rid of a lot of clutter!). I also need to clean the bathroom and do a load of laundry. Scrap wise, I need to work on a layout for a sketch challenge. I try to stay away from sketches, unless they are my own, only because I like to submit my work. But this is a new site and I am really enjoying being a part of it. Plus the sketch is simple and I have the photo chosen, the journaling complete and an idea of what paper I want to use.

Alrighty then, I need to get back to work, get this part of the day over, so I can GO HOME!

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

On My Scrappy List . . .

. . . are two CJ's that need attention. One arrived a little beat up - back cover is off; ribbons and charms are falling off the spiral bind. It's needs some TLC.

I have all of my blossoms for the TreasuredScrapbooking swap bought and boxed. I just need to add postage. I think that catches me up on swaps though I have a nagging feeling that I signed up for a ribbon swap somewhere. Need to look into that!

Need to get serious about Christmas cards!

Not too bad a list. Other to-do's are planning our Annual Halloween and Christmas parties. Mom has called and we began cutting and adding to the Christmas Guest List. Kayla is helping to plan the Halloween party and will doing some of the cooking.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Happy Monday!

What a fabulous weekend! Lil' Ben stayed over Friday night. He is too funny! Saturday, I went to an eight hour beach crop at Your Memory Page. Lots of fun, good company, good eats! I completed five layouts - this is fab for me cause one layout can take up to 4 hours. Discovered My Mind's Eye New Signature Line. OH MY GOSH!! I MUST HAVE ALL OF IT!!!!! I think I bought at least 5 of the lines, used three so far and can't wait til next Friday to buy the rest!!! The store also got in the Basic Grey rub-ons - you know those fancy fleur de lis and scrolls! And they rub-on so nicely!!! Well, I am hoping to upload one of the LO's but looks like Blogger is once again "blogged down". So frustrating!!

Sunday was hot, so Kay and I went to the theater to sit in air conditioning. She chose Barnyard - it was hilarious!!! We had lunch at Red, Hot and Blue. Fabulous Southern fare. I wasn't sure if Kay would like it, but she raved over the BBQ ribs and wants to go back!

Afterwards it was off the The Limited Too for a few clothing items. $106 later - 2 outfits, 1 outfit still needs a tee shirt - can you imagine! We got a pair of denim shorts (on sale, mind you) for $21.99; the skimpy little jeans vest was $36.+; and then she got a pink and white striped skirt and matching shirt. That's it! Amanda is getting K her shoes and I'll buy another outfit on my next pay. If she wouldn't grow so fast it wouldn't be so bad, but when we give her clothes away, they are like brand new!!

Back home, made stuffed shells for dinner and then Melissa picked up K. She was keeping her overnight and taking her to Kennywood today. Nice quiet evening. Ben is at the beach with his Mom and her family for the week.

Now it's back to work. Happy Monday!

Thursday, August 17, 2006

School Will Be Back In Session

September 28th. So far, Kayla has a new book bag and one outfit, some socks. We need so much more! This weekend I will be attending our LSS Beach Crop! So looking forward to that! Tomorrow night, I'll have Ben and then he will be going to the beach with his mom and her folks for the week. I have tons of laundry to catch up on. So much scrapping I want to do. Oooh, and at least six rolls of film to have developed. I can't wait til I can afford a digital! Well, I guess that's about it. Our weather is fantastic!!!! Did I mention the zoo last Saturday. It was a members only event. Kay and I went into the Lion's actual area; stood on their rock, checked out where they play all day. Had to walk where they are put in the evening. They are big!!! There are four lions, two sisters and a male and female. The sisters can not be put in the yard the same time as the male/female combo. They do not get along. Kayla was able to touch a possum, some little brown thing, lizards, snakes, stingrays. We had a great time. Got to go inside the animal hospital. It was a behind the scenes thing. So fun!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

So Imagine My Surprise. . .

. . . when I made it to Round 3 of the Treasured Hunt! Wow! Am I in shock, and loving every minute of it. Challenge 3 was to use the word Treasure in the title and a few other rules, but I knew right away I was going to make a treasure chest. So this challenge was two new firsts for me: (1) monochromatic; and (2) paper piecing. Here is the result:

I love it. I am worried though that the pink paper is much too dark to be monochromatic, so I may not make it to the next round. Otherwise, it's been such a creative blast!

Kayla has been scrapping so much more and Amanda joined us one evening and scrapped a page of her own.

My other shock was making the first cut of the Effer's Last Scrapper Standing. Out of over 400 so much more talented than me girls, only about 195 went to the second round, me being one of them. The challenge for Dare 2 was to use 13 photos. I did. BUT, where on the first LO I loaded up for the initial Dare, I received 1 comment, this time I have receive none. And I am so not a freestyle scrapper. Mine look too Simple Scrapbooks (which is great for me, that's my style). So, I will not be disappointed when I do not make it to Round 3 (okay, maybe a little). Anyway, here is that LO:

Though I have so much more to post, it's almost quitting time and I have to hit the TTS boards, I am so behind on praise there. And I want to scrap some Elsie and Ali challenges, and then there's the Treasured challenges.

Tuesday, August 8, 2006

Back in the Groove

Our mini break was so much fun!!! We left Friday morning, beautiful day. In fact the whole weekend was gorgeous, sunny, blue skies. Hot. Got a little sun poisoning, but what has turned to tan looks great! The Living Treasures Zoo Park is totally awesome! You are up close and personal with the animals and most of them eat right out of your hand! They had 17 day old black panthers. Adorable! Potbelly pigs, goats, sheep, tortoise, miniature horses, llamas, a baby grizzly bear, and so much more. We will definitely be going back! Loved the pool down the hall from our hotel room. Spent alot of time there. Beautiful countryside! Saturday we went to Idlewild Park/Storybook Forest. Did it all! Walked, swam, the girls went on some rides, ate. Fun! Fun! Fun! More swimming back at the hotel. Sunday we checked out and went over to Fort Ligionier which I worried the girls would find boring, but they loved it!!!!! Now, it's back to work to make more money so we can go on another mini break!!

Wednesday, August 2, 2006

So Much To Do, So Little Time

I need to update my blog. Need to summarize July. Too much to do. Be back later!