Monday, August 21, 2006

Happy Monday!

What a fabulous weekend! Lil' Ben stayed over Friday night. He is too funny! Saturday, I went to an eight hour beach crop at Your Memory Page. Lots of fun, good company, good eats! I completed five layouts - this is fab for me cause one layout can take up to 4 hours. Discovered My Mind's Eye New Signature Line. OH MY GOSH!! I MUST HAVE ALL OF IT!!!!! I think I bought at least 5 of the lines, used three so far and can't wait til next Friday to buy the rest!!! The store also got in the Basic Grey rub-ons - you know those fancy fleur de lis and scrolls! And they rub-on so nicely!!! Well, I am hoping to upload one of the LO's but looks like Blogger is once again "blogged down". So frustrating!!

Sunday was hot, so Kay and I went to the theater to sit in air conditioning. She chose Barnyard - it was hilarious!!! We had lunch at Red, Hot and Blue. Fabulous Southern fare. I wasn't sure if Kay would like it, but she raved over the BBQ ribs and wants to go back!

Afterwards it was off the The Limited Too for a few clothing items. $106 later - 2 outfits, 1 outfit still needs a tee shirt - can you imagine! We got a pair of denim shorts (on sale, mind you) for $21.99; the skimpy little jeans vest was $36.+; and then she got a pink and white striped skirt and matching shirt. That's it! Amanda is getting K her shoes and I'll buy another outfit on my next pay. If she wouldn't grow so fast it wouldn't be so bad, but when we give her clothes away, they are like brand new!!

Back home, made stuffed shells for dinner and then Melissa picked up K. She was keeping her overnight and taking her to Kennywood today. Nice quiet evening. Ben is at the beach with his Mom and her family for the week.

Now it's back to work. Happy Monday!

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