Thursday, August 17, 2006

School Will Be Back In Session

September 28th. So far, Kayla has a new book bag and one outfit, some socks. We need so much more! This weekend I will be attending our LSS Beach Crop! So looking forward to that! Tomorrow night, I'll have Ben and then he will be going to the beach with his mom and her folks for the week. I have tons of laundry to catch up on. So much scrapping I want to do. Oooh, and at least six rolls of film to have developed. I can't wait til I can afford a digital! Well, I guess that's about it. Our weather is fantastic!!!! Did I mention the zoo last Saturday. It was a members only event. Kay and I went into the Lion's actual area; stood on their rock, checked out where they play all day. Had to walk where they are put in the evening. They are big!!! There are four lions, two sisters and a male and female. The sisters can not be put in the yard the same time as the male/female combo. They do not get along. Kayla was able to touch a possum, some little brown thing, lizards, snakes, stingrays. We had a great time. Got to go inside the animal hospital. It was a behind the scenes thing. So fun!

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