Wednesday, August 23, 2006

This little gem was created by Kayla. It was for Round 2 of the Effer's 13 photos challenge. We didn't move on to Round 3 but we are going to complete the challenge at home. I love this little grandbaby of mine. She just amazes me. Her creations are all her own, she is not one for taking advice. I just lay everything out there for her and watch her create.

School starts Monday. A new school year, a new beginning. AND these next four months, September, October, November and December are my favorites out of the whole year. So much hustle and bustle with the new school year and all the holidays and upcoming celebrations. The beauty of fall and winter. I get so excited just thinking about it!! I can't wait to start decorating for Halloween.

Speaking of Halloween, though we skipped last year, we are resuming our traditional Halloween party. Amanda and I have been teaching Kayla to cook so we have put her in charge of the children's menu. She is so into cooking. On Saturday mornings, instead of watching cartoons, she watches the Food Network. She wants one of Paula Dean's cookbooks for Christmas.

On today's list: Continue cleaning bedroom (this includes cleaning out drawers, closets and getting rid of a lot of clutter!). I also need to clean the bathroom and do a load of laundry. Scrap wise, I need to work on a layout for a sketch challenge. I try to stay away from sketches, unless they are my own, only because I like to submit my work. But this is a new site and I am really enjoying being a part of it. Plus the sketch is simple and I have the photo chosen, the journaling complete and an idea of what paper I want to use.

Alrighty then, I need to get back to work, get this part of the day over, so I can GO HOME!

Happy Wednesday!

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