Monday, September 25, 2006

Last week of September!

Already! Time is flying!!! Okay, the 2007 HOF rules came out last week. Are YOU submitting this year??? Every year I have seriously thought about it and have not done it. This year I promised myself I would and don't you know Assignment A has everyone buzzing. An innovative technique?? Haven't most art form techniques been covered? Ugh! Anyway, I've come up with two ideas and I think I'll try. The remainder of the assignments are way doable.

Exciting news (for me)! I was gifted a HP Digital Camera!! Finally! This was on Friday night and I still have not opened it. I still can't believe it!! And a memory card and a carrying case. I was so syked!! Just in time for HOF entries. OH, BELIEVE ME, I have no grand illusions that I will be chosen, BUT, I must give it a try. MUST!

The weekend was good, totally not what the weathermen forecasted. Yeah, we had some rain, but for the most part, it was a sunny, gorgeous weekend. Kayla and I participated in a weekend on-line crop and had a great time. I love that little girl! Next weekend, we are going to go see "Open Season" at the Omnimax. We saw "Ant Bully" at this type of theater, and it was awesome!!! Took Ben, but he wouldn't leave the 3-D glasses on.

Found out last week that the new grandchild will be a girl! Hooray, another darling little girl!!!

Tomorrow we begin Weight Watchers here at the office. Thank goodness!! I am moving up in sizes fast! Amanda and Kayla walk with me every night so that helps!

Ali Edwards' AEzine/Life Artist Newsletter came out today. So much inspiration there! Love it!

At BigPictureScrapbooking, I think I am going to sign up for Lisa Damrosch's new class. I loved the last one and got so much out of it.

Still waiting for CK to start taking registrations for their on-line classes.

And I am participating in Shimelle's 31 day class. It will be over this week, but I am definitely signing up for her Christmas journal class.

I guess that's it. I had anticipated completing so many challenges this month, I am ashamed that I only completed, I think, 3. Oh, well, there is always next month!!

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