Wednesday, October 25, 2006

61 Days til Christmas!

Can you believe it???? I have so much to do! Well, I finished my Knock LO for Round 3 of ScrapLove's "So You Think You Can Scrap" Survivor Challenge. I like it.

Halloween is next week. I still need to pick up a costume for Ben. Kayla is going to be Vampira. (See photo right).

What I need to do today: Wash the kitchen floor; clean out under the sink (Ben can help); wipe down the fridge and appliances; decorate. Prepare a menu/shopping list for Sunday's Halloween party (which started off as just family and has now grown to about 20 people). Then on to the bathroom where everything needs scrubbed (Kayla can help) and then wash the upper hall floor. If I can get all of that done tonight, everything else should go smoothly. We shall see.

Saturday, Mom is coming in to help cook and then we can clean up anything else that needs attention. That evening, I am taking the kiddies to Zoo Boo. We always enjoy that.

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