Thursday, December 28, 2006

Last Post for 2006

Yep, this will be my last post for 2006. I am so looking forward to a "new year". By the end of January, we will be in financial freedom. No taxes due, no credit cards bills, nothing. Only utilities, car, food and everyday needs stuff. Yeah!!!

The photo is Kayla playing Whack-A-Mole. Such a fun game! We laugh and laugh.

I will not be making a resolutions list again this year. Last year I made a goal list and it was so much easier to achieve the goals than to just resolve to do everything better. Specifics, people!

We will also be having a new baby in January. Daisy is due January 20th. So looking forward to a new little girl to dress in pink!

I need to do some reflection and round-up of this past year. There is so much more I want to say here, but alas, I am at work and work I must do.

Happy, happy New Year Everyone!!!

Tuesday, December 26, 2006


What a wonderful Christmas! Saturday the girls went to Bruce's family's for celebrating. On Christmas Eve, we celebrated Christmas because we had Ben that day. Kenny came over at noon; Mom got here shortly before, I picked up Jayme, Laura and Ben. Ben was so much fun!!! He wanted to open anything wrapped in Mickey Mouse or Winnie the Pooh paper whether it was his or not. We tried to hold him off until Cathy and her family arrived and also Joey, Tera and Cammi. The Christmas ham was delish! It slow cooked all night in fruit cocktail. Moist, yum! I also served garlic mashed potatoes; green beans w/almonds; crescent rolls. Dessert was a Cheesecake made by Amanda and Kayla. Along with cookies and candies, everyone left full. Cammi loved all of her toys and clothes. Kayla, of course, had to wait til Santa came that evening with her presents but she opened those brought by Cathy and Melissa. She was a happy girl. I took tons of photos and can't wait to scrap them. I bought a beautiful Christmas photo album and have been gathering up embellishments and papers and plan to work solely on that when Stacey, Terri, Jeannette and I go to the Queen of Crop Getaway in Columbiana, Ohio this coming March.

I got a lot of great gifts this year: Reversible coat, leather on one side, fur on the other. A sort of day/night thing. Three pairs of slacks, three turtle necks and three blouses (mix & match). A purse, slippers, immersible mixer, gorgeous shabby chic ragweave baskets and tablecloth from my Mom and Dad, who also remembered the Cello's. They also gave me a Mary Englebriet book, hmmm, oh, a fabulous book stand and what she says is a scrapping tote, but I see Florida beach bag written all over it. I did take photos of alot of mine and Kayla's gifts and need to download/upload. I got lots more from my folks. Cathy gave me an adorable Mary Englebriet trunk filled with scrapping embellies, along with some paper and a calendar. From Amanda, The Family Stone (exactly what I asked for). From Kayla, a grandma/heart photo keychain; from Cammi, a painted ceramic turtle (she pointed out a spot she missed); from Laura and Jayme, a fabulous purse with matching slide-ons, filled with Chai teabags, a candle, a Love cup, a fantastic first print of a volume 3 cookbook put out by the Ford Motor Company with details about restaurants in different states and a recipe from each one. I love it! Well, I got lots of stuff!!

Kayla got the American Doll, Emily. She also got the Fisher-Price Twin Time Dollhouse. The Lil' Mommy Triplets and adorable baby furniture (seesaw, playpen, seat that vibrates (so cute), a carrier she paid for herself at A. J. Wright's, I think something else, maybe not). She also got a Cabbage Patch Preemie, some clothes for her Cabbage Patches, that Teen Scene doll that makes faces, a Holiday Barbie, lots of clothes much to her dismay but which we loved!!! She also got the game Whack-a-Mole (so fun), puzzles, seek and find books and just so much more.

As with every Christmas morning, we had to wake Kayla up, we held off til about 9:30/10:00 (how lucky are we that this child literally has to be woken up to open her gifts). After bagels w/cream cheese, showers, dressing, we were finally off to Mom and Dad's. They said between 11:00/12:00, I think we left the house after 12:30. BUT we were not the latest, Cathy and her crew were. Lunch was yummy. Opened gifts, visited, and then back home to unload the car and then reload, as Amanda and Kayla had to pick up Jayme and visit their Dad. While they were gone I nodded off a little and then started supper. One Tastefully Simple Gift Packs coming up! The Potato Cheddar soup, the beer bread (made with soda pop), spinach dip, and Nana's Apple Cake. What a cozy supper. Just me and the girls around our tiny yellow kitchen table. We played numerous games of Whack A Mole, started the TV Puzzle, began the Halloween Search and Find book, watched Christmas cartoons. Hmmmmm, so peaceful. SO Stress free (My goal met!).

Well, I can just go on and on now can't I??? I'll stop here and see about rustling something up for lunch. I hope the eatery in our building is open (at work).

Hope your Christmas and the rest of the week are merry!!

Friday, December 22, 2006

Happy Holidays to All!

Last post before Christmas! Happy Holidays to All! Hope yours is as wonderful as I anticipate mine to be. This photo is of the marshmallow Snow people that Kayla so patiently created. I am going to spray them with acrylic and see if they keep. (They do not taste too good, but are too cute to throw away).

We are celebrating a full family Christmas on the Eve of Christmas in the afternoon. We have Ben that day but only until 7:00 p.m. So I have invited my whole family over for luncheon and presents. That night Kayla and Amanda will go to Amanda's Father's family and then Christmas morning it will be just me and the girls and maybe Kayla's Dad. We will take a run up to my Mom's for lunch and then back home for a light supper. I have yet to decide whether or not to invite Jayme and Laura, I may. We'll see. I was hoping for a very quiet Christmas since all the festivities will be Christmas Eve.

I still have so much yet to do!!! No stressing though. Whatever does not get done, just doesn't. I only have a few odds and ends to pick up from the store. Kayla still has to make her Mom's gift. And I plan on doing a little more baking tomorrow while the girls are out in the afternoon. That's it. This has been the first organized Christmas I have ever had and it feels good!! Next year will be even better!

Happy, happy Holidays!!

Thursday, December 21, 2006


The photo is from Kayla's class recital held at the Barnes & Noble at Monroeville Mall. It was a huge success!!

The hard driving in my computer is slowly dwindling to a halt. It needs replaced badly!! But with Christmas here and the real estate taxes due by January 31, there just isn't enough left over to go buy a new one. Boo Hoo! So, I have gotten so far behind on my posts at two of my favorite hang outs (Treasures to Scrap and Treasured Scrapbooking). We are so busy at work that I can only steal a few glances a day at my favorite places. Oh well. It will be fixed some time next year and then I will get caught up.

So excited with Christmas just a few days away! Kayla received Santa's letter postmarked from the North Pole (AK). She was thrilled!! All of the presents are bought. Just need wrapped. Christmas dinner has been planned and purchased. I think I need to buy some sodas. Oooh, and I never thought of what to make for dessert. Gotta take care of that.

Not much time to blog. Have work to do. Til tomorrow! Happy Thursday!!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Kayla's Tree

This is Kayla's tree that stands in her room. She had such a fun time picking out the ornaments and lights for her tiny $1.00 tree. It's so pretty lit. The second photo is her tiny village surrounding her tree. She loves it!

Our Sixth Annual Ornament Exchange was Sunday (which was also my 48th BD). We had 18 persons in attendance and everyone (I hope or so I have been told) had a wonderful time. I think they did. There was so much laughter and joy. We played the Left Right game (the prizes were someone else' s white elephant); the Memory Gift Exchange (so much fun!); Kayla had a search and find; and as always, lots of door prizes. No one went home empty handed. I got the ornament my Mom gifted - an adorable Santa on a wooden sleigh. Kayla traded hers for a gingerbread house. Amanda, well, Amanda didn't quite make it for the festivities, she had too many of those the night before. The food was good (except for the potato soup (my opinion)), not much left and that's always a good sign!!

So, in preparation for the party, Saturday was spent cleaning and decorating and the house is shaping up nicely. I got up an hour early yesterday morn and got my room together. All that's left is the playroom and a few cozy touches to Kayla's "new" room. Which she is totally loving. She is so cute. She says "Gram, come into my room". And then turns to me and says, "I love saying that."

Tomorrow night is the Surety Christmas Party. I need to dye my hair tonight and launder the outfit I plan on wearing. Friday, just hanging with Kayla and baking. Kayla is singing at the Barnes & Noble in Monroeville early Saturday morning. Then we plan to wrap up some shopping and have lunch at Evergreen (Kayla's pick; mine is next month). Then lots more baking as Sunday is our Cookie Exchange Luncheon. I think I'll make chicken salad.

Back to work. Happy Wednesday!!!! And it's a pretty day here - high in the 50's. Okay, but I am still hoping for a White Christmas!!!!

Wednesday, December 6, 2006

It's Beginning to Look alot like Christmas!

Well, I was trying to upload a few photos but blogger cannot comply with my request. Whatever! Still baking here. I have a retirement dinner to go to with my Mom this evening, but then I have to make some progress cleaning the dining room tonight. Still need to make the macaroons, too. Sunday is our party and I don't know how I'll ever get done. The girls and I stopped at K-Mart last night. The chenille sweaters were still 1/2 off so we each got one. Kayla and I addressed our Christmas cards last night only to find that we still need 18 more. I don't know what I was thinking when I bought a box of 15. Well, can't post too long today. I have a lot I want to accomplish at work. So, Happy Wednesday!!

Tuesday, December 5, 2006

So Exciting!

We are really getting into the Holiday Spirit this year. Mom suggested we have a cookie exchange between us girls (Cathy, Melissa, Mom, Amanda, Kayla and me). So, the girls and I are just having a blast. We started baking Saturday and are going to attempt to bake a batch or two every evening. Mom came over Saturday and she made Turtle cookies and I made Snowballs, Kayla made Chocolate Cut-Outs and Peanut Butter Cookies and Amanda made these cookies where you mix up a batch of chocolate dough that gets wrapped around Hershey kisses, yum! Sunday, I baked another batch of Snowballs and Kayla baked up a batch of those new swirl chips cookies. I think Amanda made something but I just cannot remember what. I worked until 12:12 a.m yesterday so the girls whipped up a batch of Chocolate Chip Cookies. Tonight is Macaroons. Still on the list are Buckeyes, Frosted Sugar Cut-Outs, Orange Cookies, these pretzel, kiss, M&M things that are fast, easy and yummy and Sugarplum candies, something with butterscotch chips and I think that just may do it.

Mom and I went to Theresa's Ornament Exchange Sunday and had great fun catching up with old friends and making new ones. Our party is this Sunday which is also my birthday.

I am just about finished with my holiday shopping. I have two gifts to pick up for Amanda, 1 for Kayla, 1 for Cammi, gift certificates for Mom, Joe and Bruce and lottery tickets for Dad. Yep, that should just about do it.

I am taking photos of each batch and then I am going to scrap a Christmas Cookies 2006 Recipe Book. Yeah!!

Well, I guess that's it for today (so far). I have SO MUCH TO DO! Work so gets in my way!!

Happy Tuesday!!!