Saturday, March 31, 2007

Busy Day

Kayla's entry for the card challenge at Scrapbook Takeout's March Cyber Crop.
What a lovely day today. On the cool side, but not too cool. Mom and I went to Costco. It just opened at the Waterfront. Then we came home to a houseful of kiddies. We had Ben, Cammi and baby Jade today. Plus Kayla and her friend Kaileen. Amanda had cleaned the front yard and porch real good this week and brought up Kayla's bench, table, chairs and Ben's Fisher Price desk and the kids had a real good time. Ben found some of Kayla's "play" make-up and painted himself with it. He bought himself a whole lot of tub time, which he loves. I drove Jayme and Ben home and got to see their new apartment. Roomy! Lot's of rooms and space. Nice. Kayla went home with neice Melissa for an overnighter. Amanda, Jerry and I are meeting up with my brother and his wife later this evening to check out a band. I hope to come home early cause I have to work tomorrow and I need to get a few things done around here.

Treasures to Scrap is planning one fun month for April. Swing on over and check out the April Games thread and all the other forums, too. It's a real rocking place!

Happy Saturday!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

It's Gorgeous Here, So Why Do I Feel So Blue?

Don't know. Can't quite put my finger on it. But today is blah. So, let's try to shake ourselves out of it. What is good? Kayla. She is always good. Good for me. Full of love and hugs and laughter. The weather. The weather is good. Sunny, not too hot. I'll need to go for a walk at lunch. It could help. Work. Hmmm, it keeps me busy. But it's boring, too. I think I have too much going on right now with Easter coming up. The house needs cleaned and the laundry needs put away. I need to go to the market. Buy the finishing touches for the kiddies' baskets. Finalize the luncheon I am hosting on the day before Easter. Family is coming over and the children will be dying eggs. I love to entertain but I stress myself out before hand. Silly. Need to just relax like I did for this past Christmas. Well, writing helps. So, I guess I'll go make a list of all that needs done and start chipping away at it.

Have a Great Wednesday!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

It's Spring and I'm Going Croppin'

Going croppin' for the weekend. In Columbiana, Ohio! I am so looking forward to it!! I am determined to scrap Great Aunt Dee's heritage album (the whole thing) in this one weekend. I have fabulous photos to work with. There were 11 children in the family so there will be lots of pics! And as I always think I will run out of photos before the weekend is over (ha! ha!) I am also taking a few of the grandkiddies. Plus I have a list of challenges from the 3 Boards I am a member of. Plan to accomplish a whole lot this weekend!

Spring has Sprung! It is gorgeous here. The temps are in the 60's. Hopefully we will have no more snow surprises like last Friday. What a shocker that was. Took home bunches of daffodils for the girls. They opened this morning - beautiful!

Well, I have a lot of dictation to transcribe, need to run to the bank, tonight I need to pack me, pack Kayla (she is spending the weekend with Brian and Melissa) and then I am going to drive my luggage and cropping supplies back into the office so I don't have to haul anything around tomorrow morning.

Have a blessed weekend!!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

She's Not Rotten

This child cracks me up! Had her at Giant Eagle on Saturday where she discovers a display of colorful name mugs. So, she starts looking for her name. Finds one for cousin Kayla. I say, "Cammi, we are never going to find your name, it's not all that common". She says, "Just get me anyone. Get me that one there," and points to a purple cup with the name Kylie. I said, "I am not buying a cup that does not have your name on it. How about this one?" I hand her a lime green cup with orange, purple and blue designs and it says Spoiled but not Rotten. She was happy with that. As we stroll to the check-out line, she says, "Grammy, what does this say again?" "Spoiled but not Rotten." She thinks a moment then says, "Grammy, I am not rotten but sometimes my feet smell." Needless to say, I lost it.

I finally scrapbooked this past weekend. Yes, finally. Three layouts of baby Jade. I participated in the Treasured Scrapbooking Cyber Crop. What fun! And so much inspiration. I really needed it to light my fire. There is another on-line crop this weekend - 3 days - I am so looking forward to it!! It will be at Scrapbook Takeout, a site I just found while searching for embellishment only kits. Their kits are awesome and I learned that they sell out FAST. Now I just have to find an adhesive only kit and I will have it made! I get my paper kit fix (with alot of goodies thrown in) from Treasured Scrapbooking and Treasures to Scrap. So many good things!

I am finally returning to Your Memory Page this Friday to crop. I have photos just piling up! And I keep taking more.

Got our raises today. Since I never pay attention to what I make, I'm not sure if it's a "good" one or not. I'm just happy to receive one and grateful for the job. Which reminds me, I have work to do. Later!

Friday, March 9, 2007

Let's Meet for Coffee

Don't you just love the whole idea of going out for coffee? I do. It sounds so sophisticated. And maybe it would be if I were meeting an adult. But when I go for coffee, it's with an 8 1/2 year old. My little confidante, playmate, always there for me, always laugh at my lame jokes, always holds my hand when we watch horror flicks, weathers my many storms, hugs me when I need it most, just likes me for me, bestest friend. My granddaughter, Kayla. Yes, we do Starbucks. . . often. She has graduated from Tall Peppermint Hot Chocolates to Vanilla Bean Frappucinos. I am still hooked on Grande White Mochas with Skim Milk and Whipped Cream.

Our mini-holiday weekend (March 2-4) was fabulous. We booked two nights at Conley's Resort in Butler (not far from home). I took half day on Friday. Picked Kayla up from school and then we were off. We stopped at a Wal-Mart's on the way and dropped about $100 there (necessities - beach towels for each of us, socks for each of us, Cammi's birthday present). We arrived at the hotel around 5:00 p.m. There was a storm moving in; we could tell by the traffic signals that were out, and the dark, swirly clouds overhead. The girls stayed in the car when I went to check us in. The hotel had no electricity. Said it had been going on and off for a while so we would have no lights in our room. But Kayla could still swim in the pool, just the water slides wouldn't be working. Hmmm, well none of that was any reason for us to not stay! This was a vacation. No ringing telephone (until Amanda gave Jerry the number), no making beds, no cooking meals. So what if we had to manuever in the dark. Bring it on!! Our room number was 316! Our address. Anyway, in the darkness of our room we changed into our swimsuits and hit the pool. Not really. Amanda and I were a tad upset that it only went to 3 1/2 feet. But then we realized the benefits of a kiddie pool and got in and splashed. Now I could swear I read this pool was heated - NOT! It wasn't long before the electricity came back on and the water slides were in full gear! Kayla made friends. Amanda spent her time between swimming with Kayla and talking to Jerry on the phone. Ahh, young love! But we rested and I read, read, read! Friday night we ate at the hotel restaurant - good food. We all slept well. Saturday morning I was up early (can't get me up that early when I am at home). I woke Kayla and we went to the complimentary breakfast. A nice spread. Eggs, sausage, toast, waffles, fried potatoes, cereals, danishes, juices, coffee, tea. More swimming. I discovered the Sauna - I want one at home!!! Amanda found the hot tub - she wants one at home! And Kayla had the pool - she wants a bigger one at home! Something wonderful for each of us. We left the hotel and went to Kings for lunch. It began to SNOW!!! and SNOW!!! HAD to make a stop at Starbuck's. Back to swimming. Saturdays are birthday party days. And did they ever have a full house! Towards evening it quieted down. Lots more overnighters than Friday. This was good cause Kayla made more friends. But the chlorine in the water was not kind to her skin at all. Burned her around where her swimsuit was. Took the skin off of each of her toes. She was in pretty bad shape by the time we left Sunday. Scrapes on the tops of her feet, knees, chlorine burns, she had three nosebleeds. Though we had a great time, we won't make it a habit of going there too often.

Well, I have so much more to memorialize here but I have to get to work. Happy, happy FRIDAY!!!

Thursday, March 1, 2007

March 2007 Goals

A new month. New goals.

March Goals
1. Do not procrastinate when receiving CJ's.
2. Read 1 book.
3. Exercise at least 3 times a week. [ ] Wk 1: March 4-10; [ ] Wk 2: March 11-17; [ ] Wk
: March 18-24; [ ] Wk 5: March 25-31
4. Lose 2 lbs. (I lost 4 in January; 2 in February!)
5. Make a difference. Somewhere, somehow, I will.
6. Blog at least once a week.
7. Continue the inspiration journal.
8. Complete printing and organizing the heritage photos; compile notes; complete ordering supplies for March Crop.
9. Continue to become clutter free. This month will be the Dining Room. Love this idea found over at OH.
The steps to be done for each room are as follows:
A. Look at each area on Thursday nights
B. decide what can be done with the room to improve it's usage and function
C. identify any organizational items to be bought e.g. baskets, etc.
D. identify tasks that will help organize and utilize the room to it's proper function
E. identify any decorative items that are needed for the room
F. Make list of purchases
G. Make to-do list
H. On the weekend buy items required and make changes to the room.
I. On Tuesday of the following week finish check-in for the week.
Dining Room
[] curtains down and in the washer
[] wash inside of windows
[] replace curtains
[] move all furniture from walls
[] dust/wash walls and pictures
[] wash baseboards/trim

China Closets (2)
[] organize shelves
[] dust interior and exterior
[] Wipe down table and chairs
[] vacuum carpet
[] wash floor
Carry Over's From January and February
1. Complete the Christmas mini book started in November.
2. Complete the Christmas journal (Shimelle's class). I've downloaded all of the instructions and took photos. I just need to get it all together.
3. Complete Book of Lists (Lisa B's class)
3. Organize and carry down to basement remainder of the Christmas decorations.