Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Sixth Round

I made it to the Sixth Round of Scrapbook Takeout's Short Order Cook Contest. EXCITEMENT!! I really wasn't sure if I would see my name on the "Moving to Round 6" list. Oh, the joy!!! Oh, boy, the Challenge!!! The wheels are turning and tonight I set out to create the first of the 3 requirements (and what I feel will be the most challenging for me).

I got to see Ben last night. He came over. What a darling little guy. So cute, so much fun! He is talking more and so full of energy. We really enjoyed his visit.

Amanda had her doc's appointment. Baby and placenta moved up, so no more danger of premature birth. And the due date has been moved back to December 14. The original was December 3. The majority of our family is spread out between November and January. Can you say 'broke'???

We are having a hot spell, but I will not complain. The cold winter is fast approaching. Kayla goes back to school August 27. And Cammi will be going to Kindergarten this year. Time is flying!!!!

Okay, back to work. I hope you are having a wonderful day!!

Sunday, July 29, 2007

From My Bedroom Window . . .

. . . It's a glorious Sunday morning. Peaceful. Kayla is sleeping on my bed behind me. I hear the overhead fan whirring softly. I can hear the couple on the hill behind us relaxing on thier porch, giggling. My room is on the top floor of our house (the 3rd floor). The windows overlook our yard, so pretty with its Tiger Lilies, Ornamental Grass, Four O'Clocks (in memory of my children's paternal Grandmother), Amanda's sole rose bush, pansies, petunias and climbing ivy. Soon the girls will awaken, we'll go to Church, to the grocery store, have lunch, fill Kayla's pool, read, do laundry, clean the bathroom, I will scrap, and tonight we will finish watching Eragon. Sunday is such a lovely start to a new week.

Hope you have a lovely Sunday!

Friday, July 27, 2007


What a week! Of course, I did take Wednesday off - I just needed it! Tonight I am going scrapping at the LSS. It's been such a long time since I have been there. I am really looking forward to it. Can't wait to see all the new goodies! Hmmm, hope I have my checkbook!!

The photo is of the steps leading up to the Mad Crabber, a little restaurant we ate at in Avon, NC. Kayla, of course, had crab legs. She is such a pro at cracking those things and getting the meat out. I, of course, had scallops - one of my favorites, served on edamane with a sesame dressing - YUM!

I finished and uploaded my 5th week entry to Scrapbook Takeout's Short Order Cook-Off Contest. WEEK 5!! This is the farthest I have made it in any contest - so fun!!! And are they ever pushing the envelope! Talk about scrapping out of the box - I have sewn, SEWN! and used fabric. And painted on transparency. I am learning ALOT!

Monday, July 23, 2007

A Few More Vacation Pics

257 steps to the top of this lighthouse. And the view. Awesome. Of course, I didn't make it the 257 steps. Kayla did. Michael did. Pregnant Amanda and Jerry did. No, I got 3 flights from the top and panicked. What a wimp, I know.

On the scrappy front, I made it to Week 5 of Scrapbook Takeout's latest contest. Will be working on that and then Scrap N Circle put up their first week's challenge. Need to work on that. Need to create a layout for 3 Bugs Scrap challenge. Gonna be a busy week!

Mom came over on Saturday and we scrubbed the kitchen, cleaned it up good. My Mom is a great motivator. So, I asked her to come over next Saturday and get my butt moving in the living room/dining room. I drew up a floor plan of Kayla's room and let her draw where she would like her furniture. (I rearrange all the time; no room is safe). I pretty much stuck to it except that she put all the big heavy stuff at one end - had to spread that out a little. She wanted her bed by the windows. She is on the second floor. I wasn't too crazy about that idea, but we'll give it ago.

Getting caught up on the laundry, need to scrub the bathroom this week. Don't know where this energy is coming from, but I sure hope it lasts!

Okay, gotta go! Have a great Monday!!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

A New Day

I'm tired. It's been a long day. The announcement was made this morning. Many were shocked. It's still not real. I don't know when it will actually hit me. Anyway, I've been really busy today. I am so looking forward to going home. I hope Kayla is home from Joey's. I need to hug a little body. I got my Week 4 Challenge entry submitted to ScrapbookTakeout. I think its rather pretty. But will it get through to Week 5????? We'll know on Sunday.
Here is my little beach babe. I need to upgrade to a better camera. I can't see anything in the sun and all my people beach photos came out so dark.

Hmmm, I love the beach!!!!

Well, 1/2 hour and I am homebound. Hope all is well in your world!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

What a Wednesday!

Wow!! What a day! I would be glad it was almost over but tomorrow is coming and who knows what is gonna happen then. All I'll say right now is that the guy I work for was asked to tender his resignation today and he has two weeks to get out. I am in limbo right now. I let the EC know that I wanted to stay. I guess we'll see.

Hmmm, it seems like forever since vacation. I want to go back!!!!!

On the scrappy front - SO MUCH STUFF going on. CONTESTS! CONTESTS! I submitted a layout to 3 Bugs based on their June/July sketch. I just need to make one for their scraps challenge. Printed the photos - just got to get to work.

Over at Scrapbook Takeout (YUMMY monthly embellishment kits - check it out!), we are in the fourth week of challenges for their Short Order Cook Off Contest. The challenges have been great fun!!! I will be uploading my creation tomorrow. ALSO, Friday, July 20 at 6:00 p.m., est., it is Girl's Night Out (a virtual crop). Come join us!!

I submitted a layout to Treasured Scrapbooking for its biggest yearly contest: The Treasured Hunt. Only 25 submittees will move on, so I'll know around August 7th if I made it. YOU go check it out and enter!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Leslie's prizes (and monthly scrap kits are awesome!).

I also signed up for Scrapncircle's Summer Circle Challenge. The first challenge goes out July 22, 2007. It's not too late. HURRY OVER!!!

Over at Scrapadilly, they will be having a week long virtual crop starting July 21st. YooHoo! I love on-line crops!!!!!

Another party this weekend I plan to stop by is Scrapper's Bliss CHA party week. Go check it out. I understand there are LOTS of FABULOUS prizes to be won...LOTS of fun challenges to try!

I also submitted a LO to Basic Grey's gallery. I haven't been successful there . . . yet, but I am in an entering mode. Hey, maybe I'll even try out for CK's Hall of Fame this year . . . okay, probably not. But I have the best of intentions!!

I still need to upload some vacation photos. But that's it for now!


Saturday, July 7, 2007

And We Are Off! Oh, and it's a BOY!!

To Hatteras, North Carolina. Actually, we will be staying in Avon, but it's all Greek to me. It is 12:20 a.m. and we are leaving here at 3:00 a.m. to meet up with the rest of the crew (there are 10 of us going). I am not finished packing. Isn't that awful?! This is so not like me. But I have been battling this eye infection - it's the third time I've gotten it and I really think I am getting a cold. That will suck - vacation and illness!

Anyway, I worked half a day today, Kayla came with me and then Mom picked us up and I picked up a new prescription for the eye. We then headed over to the Waterfront and shopped at Costco. Stopped at Michael's cause I needed some adhesive - Yes! I am scrapping on my vacation. I am so looking forward to all the down time and since I really can't be out in the sun, I hope to accomplish ALOT!!!

Kayla is so excited, but tired. It's been a long day. After Mom dropped us off, Kay and I took a nap. Then off to the stores again, this time the Dollar Store and K-Marts. I needed new tennies and I bought the cutest sandals. Kay got a pair, too. And we all got new socks. Yes, a vacation for me means new socks. New white socks.

I wish I could have seen Ben before we pull out tonight. I thought Jayme and Amber were stopping over to pick up the house key, but we'll just leave it around here somewhere for them to find tomorrow.

OH, YEAH! Amanda's baby - it's a BOY! At first I will admit to a tiny bit of, er, shall we just say, okay, disappointment. I LOVE little girls, little girl clothes and toys and the whole shebang! And every one wanted a girl - Jerry wanted a girl. And he agreed to the name Emma, after our Nana. But, it's a little boy and the video is so darling. His little arms are moving all the time. And he looks perfect! They are thinking of the name Brendon. Which everyone likes. Though I teased Kayla and suggested Eggbert and she came back with Turbo Ned. Soooooo....

I hear the kids coming. I should be packing! I'm outta here. Have a great week. I'll be back with lots of pics!!!

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Cammi had a Cookout.

Cammi had a cookout yesterday afternoon. What a lovely Holiday it was. Joe grilled hamburgers and hot dogs. I popped into the grocer's and picked up potato salad, cookies, pop and a spatula (Cammi special requested a spatula). There was a tub of water balloons which we tossed and threw. Joey put off some fireworks - zombies, etc., of course, my batteries died by then and I left replacements at home, so no fireworks photos). But I did get some cute ones of the kiddies.

I hope your Holiday was filled with fun!