Friday, August 31, 2007

Swinging into the Weekend!

TGIF! I am so looking forward to this long weekend. Currently I am going through photos to scrap for this weekend's Beach Party Crop over at Scrap Treasures. What a fun Board and great challenges! Stop by, check it out!

My new washer and dryer will be delivered tomorrow and I have tons of laundry to do. I need to go grocery shopping, and after Church on Sunday, I am taking Kayla and Cammi shoe shopping. No plans yet for celebrating Monday. Maybe a trip to the theater. I'll have to check what's playing.


Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Cyber Crop Weekend!

Come join me this weekend at Scrap Treasures for a Beach Party CyberCrop! The party begins tomorrow, August 30th! There will be for the games, challenges, door prizes, and chatter! Who could ask for anything more????!!! I hope to see you there!!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

School is in Session!

Kayla started school yesterday. She is now in the third grade. Amanda videotaped and interviewed her after school. It's really cute.
Cammi started today, but I won't see her until the weekend when I take her and Kayla for new shoes.
Otherwise, it's peaceful here (so far). Happy Tuesday!!

Monday, August 27, 2007

Peaceful Weekend

It was. Peaceful. Friday was our Firm's picnic. Great fun, great food! Kayla came to work with me and played with the office admin's son all day. Amanda picked us up and off we went. It was HOT! Saturday, was HOT! A and K hosed off the front porch and yard. It helped. Mom and C stopped by. Kayla played with Kaileen all day. Sunday was a much cooler day. I went to Church, then to the grocery store. Dropped a stuffed chicken into the slow cooker. Cleaned, did laundry, ordered a new washer and dryer. Relaxed.

Prayers to you Kostas. May you stay safe.

And here is Little Man on our holiday weekend in Ligonier. This is at Idlewild's Soak Zone. You never know when he is going to break out in the Ben dance.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

A Few More Pics from our 8-17-18-07 Mini-Holiday

Ben at the Pirate Ship (Idlewild Soak Zone) and below with his Dad feeding one of the animals at The Living Treasures Zoo. Ben was SO MUCH FUN!!!

Monday, August 20, 2007

We're Back!

What a fabulous weekend! Here are a couple of photos of Princess and Little Man. Ben (Little Man) had a great time! He was so much fun!!! His newest: Who's dat? Both of them (Ben and Kayla) are total children of the water. Ben only cried when he had to get out. These shots are from Idlewild Park's Soak Zone. We spent all day Saturday there. First was Storybook Forest, some rides, Mister Roger's Neighborhood and then swimming. The water was SO COLD! Friday, we went to The Living Treasures Zoo. Got some great photos from there, too. Sunday, it rained. . . all day! But I always like when it's raining when we are coming home. It's makes it so much easier to leave. And yesterday was rather quiet. Kay and I picked up some groceries and then I played make-believe with her (some imagination!) all day. I did get the kitchen and living rooms cleaned. Tonight is the bathroom, dining room and laundry. Ooooh, and it was so cold and damp, I had to shut some windows. Today, we are to get 2-4 inches of rain. Anyway, I think Jayme had a good time and my Amanda always does. Mini-holidays are so much fun!

On the home front, it's quiet (for now). I hope it stays that way. Kayla and Cammi start school next week. Taxes are due. The porches need winterized. I need to start planning our Halloween party and make final arrangements for the folks' 50th wedding anniversary.

At work, I am still covering girls on vacation. Don't think I'll be assigned to anyone specifically for another couple weeks. I am enjoying this while I can!

On the scrapping front, Jeanette and I are gearing up for an out-of-town crop coming in September. I've checked pub calls and there are a few calls I want to enter.

And that's it. So. . . I hope your week is starting off fabulous! Happy Monday!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Adventures in Nature

Took the girls to Frick Park last evening. Their first stop was under a tree that had some interesting pods. Don't know what kind of tree it was, but the pods sure kept them busy for the first 20 minutes. Then they ran off to swing, slide and twirl on the dreaded merry-go-round. Not my favorite. It gives me vertigo just look at it. Geez, I am getting old! Afterwards, we piled into the car and hit our favorite book store, Barnes & Noble, in Squirrel Hill. Our ultimate goal was Baskin Robbins for ice cream, but I told the girls that they could feed their bellies if they fed their minds first. Kayla picked up an American Girl Doll magazine, which she thoroughly enjoyed, and Cammi picked up a Polly Pockets/Sparkle magazine, which later, she and her Dad read through from cover to cover. Cool. Kayla heard there are two new American Girl Dolls slated for release this fall. Ole Santa better be saving some moolah!!!

It poured from the heavens beginning sometime in the wee hours of the morning through mid-morning. I LOVE rain, but it's doing it in the front of my dining room/living room and the seeping down the basement walls. Enough already!!

Tomorrow I am off work and the kiddies and I are headed to Ligonier. We have to wait until Jayme gets off work. That is a good thing as I have ALOT to catch up on around the house. So, I probably won't blog until next week, but I'll have new pics to share.


Hey, though I can't make it, don't you forget to stop over at Scrapbook Takeout tomorrow around 4:00 p.m. est. for Happy Hour!

Monday, August 13, 2007

I Won! I Won! I Won!

Kayla hanging out her window, checking the rain.

Raindrops from Kay's window.

and did I ever jump up and down and all around when I read my name as Grand Prize Winner of Scrapbook Takeout's first ever Short Order Cook Contest. OH MY GOSH!!! I am still so excited!!! It was a fantastic contest; so much good stuff in the gallery; so much awesome competition!!!! And the challenges - what a push!! What I never would have done without this contest: painted on transparencies; discovery I love transparencies! Sew - without a sewing machine this was a real push! Use felt or naked chipboard. I owe so much to Francine, Vernell and Shakira, the head chefs at Scrapbook Takeout.

On the home front, it has stopped raining. We even had a tornado not far from the office. Street lights have been out. Our building was shut down at 10:00 a.m. on Friday due to no water. Yay, for me, it was a long weekend. And I got some neat shots of the falling rain.

Cheers to a great week!

Tuesday, August 7, 2007


That's what we are having - a heatwave! Not much happening here. Kayla and I spent most of last evening listening/watching videos at Tonight we are listening to , a free fm radio station out of Athens. We love falling asleep to music. Thanks Italodisco, I found the link on your blog.

Well, it's getting late here and I have work tomorrow. So, good night all!

Monday, August 6, 2007


This will be a week of waiting. Waiting to see if I placed in Scrapbook Takeout's Short Order Cook contest; waiting to see if I am one of the top 25 moving to Round 1 in Treasured Scrapbooking's The Treasured Hunt contest. Waiting for the mailman to bring me at least 5 separate packages of goodies!!! Over the years I've become patient, I am better at waiting.

It's RAINING here! Hard! And it is affecting the ceiling above the picture window in my living room. Ugh! Don't need that expense. But Kayla and I walked in it last night until we were soaked! Refreshing!

Gotta go. Happy Monday!!

Saturday, August 4, 2007


You are awesome! Thank you! As you know, my boss is leaving at the end of this week (not on favorable terms), and I have chosen not to go with him (we've been together for 9 years). So, the workplace has been rough. But your blog and gift - how did you know? Thank you!

Friday, August 3, 2007

I Got To Meet Sue

Sue a/k/a bandhmom whom I met on the Boards at Transparent Touches & Tags. She is lovely and bubbly and super nice and in the words of Kayla - feisty! We met at Your Memory Page. Debbie (the owner) was there and I got to show the girls around the LSS. After Debbie and Sue finished business, we went over to The Cheesecake Factory for dinner. Sue and my girls had never been there so it was a real treat for them. We took pictures, which I need to upload. It was a great evening!!!

Hooray, it's Friday!!! I am scrapping this evening. I MUST finish the recipe cards for Scrapadilly's swap. They are due the 10th and I had planned to have them mailed this week. Yikes! I also MUST, MUST, MUST work on my submissions for the 6th and final round of Scrapbook Takeout's Short Order contest. Lizscraps uploaded photos of her altered paint can and its a real beauty!!! My altered project is a mini-book of Kayla's maternal line. I hope it turns out as well as it looks in my head. Scary, huh?

Also, the house needs CLEANED and laundry needs done. But not until Kayla and I eat our way through Costco tomorrow. I am going there to pick up 1 item - tilapia, which Amanda and I love. 1 item!!!!

Okay, back to work. I am still filing in all the files that the boss has acquired over the years. Next week is his last. Hmmm, decisions, decisions.

HEY! Have a fabulous weekend!!!

Kayla, exploring on the grounds of Cape Hatteras Lighthouse.