Thursday, April 24, 2008

Giving to Charity

Do you give? Today's blogging assignment: Name three things you give to charity. In our house we give clothes, toys and small furniture to the VVA. Probably at least five times a year. My Mom and sister hate to throw and/or give things away. So they bring it to our house, put in the main hall, which is already cluttered with bikes, roller skates, shoes, umbrellas, coats, the baby's strollers, numerous doll strollers as Kayla has a fascination with those and we probably, no lie, have 8 of them in various sizes/colors. And we probably buy most of it back at the Church's twice a year rummage sales. Well, maybe Amanda and I don't, but Kayla sure does. She loves the rummage sale and always spends $20.00 or more and comes away with bags full of stuff. The next sale is May 17th and she already has it marked on her calendar and is saving a portion of her bi-monthly allowances.

NSD - have any plans? Stace, Terri and I just reserved our spots for the LSS 10-10 crop. Woo Hoo!!! I can't wait. The girls and B are housesitting that weekend, but they will be close to the store so they'll drop in to do some shopping. With both of them scrapping now, adhesive has become a commodity.

Although I have Ben this weekend, I hope to scrap, ALOT. OOOh, that reminds me, I need to upload some photos to Shutterfly for printing.

It's gorgeous out today. Hope it is in your neck of the woods, too.

He's growing!

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