Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Thank You, Mom

Dear Mom:
Thank you for being the best mother and role model a girl could have. Thank you for listening, for caring, for always being there for me. Thank you for taking such an interest in our lives, so much so that you volunteered to be leader our Girl Scout Troup and den mother to Kenny's Boy Scout Pack. For always packing our school lunches, for having a full course dinner on the table four days a week and for letting us eat cereal or apple butter toast on the three days Dad worked late. Thank you for believing in me, for making me feel ten feet tall, for wiping away the tears, for the hugs and kisses. Thank you for making those biscuit donuts while we watch The Flintstones when they debuted in the evening, and for the times Cathy and I would wake up to our Barbies dressed in new outfits because you stayed up and sewed. Thank you for making each Holiday the best. For supporting us in school. For helping us take care of our own children. For still being here and believing in us and for still spending quality time with each of us. Thanks Mom for all that you continue to do.
I love you forever and a day.

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