Monday, May 12, 2008

I'm Branching Out

I am. In an effort to get organized (stop laughing) I've started a new scrap blog here. This one is too messy, like a junk drawer. It needs a good cleaning out. I intended to keep this as a journal, to memorialize the every day happenings of mine, my children and mostly my grandkiddies life and whatever. Helps later when I go to scrap a certain event.

Happy belated Mother's Day! I didn't get on-line yesterday. Spent the early part of the day with my Mom, daughter and granddaughter. We had lunch at Panera's (everyone's new favorite) and then got caught in the downpour as we ran around the Waterfront. It was cold yesterday, even colder today. I HAD to put the furnace on to take the chill off that big old house. Sadly, I didn't take pictures. I need to pick up some batteries today.

We had Ben this weekend. Went out and bought him some Spiderman undies. He's a big boy now, ya know. And a Hulk toy. He is so into Spiderman and the Hulk. I can remember when my boys were.

Kayla spent the weekend at her Dad's. He had surgery on his back Saturday and said she was a big help. I know she came home pretty happy.

Well, gotta work. Happy Monday!


  1. How are you Trish? I miss you!!!

  2. Good to know, Ill have to go add your new one to my list.

  3. Happy Late Mothers day !!! :) Its the thought right ? lol

  4. Trish - I don't have your direct email! Here's mine: