Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Longest Road Trip

I'm a day late (what else is new). This Sassy Scrappers blog prompt was yesterday's and I loved it, but didn't get a chance to get here. Anyway, as it happens, I have been scrapping our last summer's vacation. We were a 3 car caravan driving from Pennsylvania to Avon, North Carolina. Only a 15 hour drive, give or take a few. BUT, our car is small, only fits 4 comfortably and our air conditioner was not working. Amanda's boyfriend JUST NEEDED to bring is own bedding - so his hot blankets or whatever was all rolled up was between whoever was sitting in the back seats. Torture!!! It was the longest and hottest drive of my life. I seriously have more photos of Kayla in the car, and photos of passing countrysides, quaint towns, etc., than I do of our whole week in NC. Sad, I know. Except for my Mom getting sick at the beginning of the week and having to stay in bed the whole time, the driving was the second and only other worse thing that happened on the trip. Otherwise, it was a grand weekend, our house was fabulous!!! The ocean was fabulous, as was the pool, the sauna, the pool table, our day at exploring the lighthouses and our day spent at Ocracoke Island. Would I do it again? Yes, but next time we'll fly!


  1. Sounds like a great trip except for the car ride, they can be terrible! UGH!

    Love your LO!

  2. ughh I remember long hot car trips when I was a kid. Look slike yall had a great trip though.