Thursday, September 18, 2008

Signs of Fall

I didn't see any. Signs of fall that is. Though the weather is much cooler here, the trees are still green, the flowers are still in bloom. I did, however, find a delicious pumpkin cake treat at Starbucks last evening, but I didn't photograph it, I ate it. Maybe a drive to the mountains this weekend would be in order. But probably not. Kayla is sounding too good, she has one heck of a head cold and she and Brendan are staying over Saturday night. Ben had a fever last night but he was going home today. It's the weather. And my furnace still needs fixed. Geez.

Here is a door hanger Kayla and I collaborated on together. I crocheted the bottom edge using a shell stitch. Kayla laid out the buttons and added the flowers.

I stopped at B&N after work last night and bought the paperback of "Wicked". Started it this morning and can't wait to get back on the bus to read some more.

Things that need done today or, as I am a procrastinator, need to be done soon: Call Ortho for Kayla's follow-up appointment. Call Eye & Ear for Kayla's initial appt. re her tonsils. E-mail VA for pick-up. Clean out fridge. Put out trash. Mop kitchen floor. Think about how scrapbooking has changed my life for layout. Hmmmmmm.

But first update this pleading index. Then go to lunch. Priorities, priorities.


  1. I would have eaten the pumpkin dessert too! LOL!

    What a cute door hanger!

  2. cute door hanger.
    I tagged you on my blog