Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A Fabulous Find!

Sitting up on the third floor behind the door, like, forever! Seriously. I thought a friend of my Dad's had painted it for him, but he said no, it came with the house. Well, we've had this house since 1962 so that already puts its age over 40. Did a little research on the internet and found a wealth of info on the painter, a Mr. Andrew Severin Gunderson who was a self-taught painter and at the age of 18 opened his own store in Chicago. Just fascinating!! The photo is now hanging above the mantle in the "new" living room.

OMGosh, I have been working on so many projects (too many at once) but I'll be uploading a few soon. My pc is dying, truly, it sucks. I'm thinking of just replacing the hard drive and hoping that does the trick, but it is old and I should just upgrade. Maybe.

Well, it's cold here, but gorgeous. The sky is such a deep blue and the sun is shining. There are so many leaves on the ground. I need to rake.

I got up early and put a stuffed chicken in the crockpot (love that crockpot). The house will smell so good when I get home. I am going to steam those green beans I picked up at the pumpkin farm and make a pan of twice baked potatoes. MMMmmmmm good!

Happy Wednesday!

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  1. I love to cook in the crockpot too...your dinner sounded yummy!