Tuesday, October 28, 2008

It's Only Tuesday????

It feels like Wednesday. Probably because I have this sinus infection, the Comcast people have not replaced the lines so that I have phone and internet service back and the water company is turning off water to the whole neighborhood today and tomorrow between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. to repair 'something'. What an incentive to come to work! (except for the sinus infection)

Earlier I may have blogged about Kayla being homeschooled. We looked forward to it. Amanda was enjoying it. But Kayla - she NEEDS friends. She does. She is such a people person. So, she is back in school. And she takes a school bus which she is loving. Soooooo, we needed to go school clothes shopping. (She's such a drama queen!)

Five pairs of jeans, countless number of shirts and two pair of shoes later . . . she's ready.

I lent Amanda my camera for the week as I will miss Halloween with her and the kiddies this Friday. There is no way I would make it out to their house from town in time for the trick or treating. I was going to take 1/2 day but since we are so close to Christmas, I'll save it. We do have a Halloween Party to attend the next day, complete with a bonfire - that will be fun! fun! fun!

Happy Tuesday! (Is it 5:00 yet?????)

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  1. Goodmorning Trish. I'm very happy! My married life is very well!
    Have a nice day!