Monday, October 20, 2008

It's Tradition

Autumn, for our family, has officially begun. We always kick it off with our Church's bi-annual rummage sale. And true to form, it was a cool, crisp morning. Then breakfast at Eat-n-Park, next the Zoo Boo and then a late lunch/early dinner at Panera's and the topper of Saturday - the Haunted House and a hayride. Sunday, the pumpkin farm. And the weather was glorious!! It was. And the weekend was fabulous! Wonderful fun! Friday, Amanda took me grocery shopping. Kayla stayed over. Saturday morning - the Church rummage sale. I got a few goodies, Jayme picked up some old Life magazines, Kayla bought a fuzzy lamp for her desk and a few dolls, earrings and a couple other trinkets. I got my Dad an old camera for his collection and a white wicker framed mirror for my sister and my Mom picked up some aprons and some storage crates. Oh, I also got a sewing machine cabinet and stool for $5.00. It did have a Singer machine, but it needs a new motor and I really only wanted the cabinet and stool.

After breakfast, Mom and Cathy went their way (meaning they went to shop til' they dropped), Jayme went home and Melissa, Amanda, Kayla, Brendan and I went to Zoo Boo. Did I say the day was glorious? Yes, it was cool, but perfect for walking. The Zoo's Haunted House was really cute (not too scary). There were free Slushies and bottles of Pepsi and the children got loads of candy. After our late lunch/early dinner, we went to the Koenig Field Haunted House which was great fun AND scary and topped the evening off with a hay ride.

Kayla and I went home and packed an overnight bag and off to Melissa's we went for the night. The next morning we all gathered at Amanda's house for hot tea and donuts and off to the pumpkin farm we went. The sky was so blue, the moon was visible. We had apple cider and caramel apples and bought blocks of honey and vegetables from the farm. I got a white pumpkin and lots of little ones while Kayla got two big pumpkins. I had thrown a pork roast in the slow cooker at Melissa's and we all went back there for pulled pork sandwiches.

That afternoon we spent playing 31, electronic Monopoly and electronic Life. Then we all weighed in on Wii Fitness and each did a few workouts and laughed ourselves silly at our little Mii's. It was a fabulous weekend!!

Now, I am back to work. When the alarm went off this morning it was 32 degrees out! I went back to bed until it was a little warmer - thank goodness for flex mornings!

Happy Autumn!

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