Friday, October 24, 2008


Hooray! It's Friday! And I am getting a head cold. UGH! And we have such a busy weekend ahead of us. Tonight, I get Ben. We are going to make frosted brownies for the Halloween party at Kayla's new house tomorrow. Then there is the party and Sunday, I must, MUST, get caught up on laundry and housework. I want to get the bed and dresser left by Amanda up into Jayme's room and then his bed up into the guest room and then, hopefully, start setting up the dining room. I have so much to do before Thanksgiving.

My parents signed the Deed and then I signed the Deed and now it just needs recorded. Yippee!

Kayla got a cell phone. She called me twice yesterday. She is so happy!

Brendan is getting his top front teeth while Cammi lost a few more.

My internet is still not working well. Hopefully the cable guys were at the house today and found the problem. It's always something!

Have a fun weekend!!

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