Friday, October 3, 2008

Today is the Last Day . . .

. . . to sign up for YMBD's "So You Think You Can Scrap" Contest! This is a 6 round contest and there are prizes for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th place. So, go on over to the forum, get yourself signed up, load a favorite layout and you are ready.

I am participating in the Contest! Whether you join in the contest or choose not to, still come and vote for your favorite submission in this week's round! The poll will open sometime this evening and will remain open throughout the entire weekend, closing at Midnight EST on Sunday.

The video I posted yesterday does not run correctly with the audio. Any suggestions on how to fix this????

Tomorrow is National Card Making Day and there are so many wonderful virtual crops to attend! And with three major holidays coming up, I'm hoping to get a nice number of cards made.

And it's Friday! Hooray for the weekend! Kayla is coming to stay over. She and my sister and I will be eating out tonight. I've rough sketched some blue prints on how to arrange the living room and dining room (with the girls moved out, I've gained two more rooms, plus another kitchen and bath - so much to decorate!). I probably won't get a dagnabit thing done, but I've got huge hopes!

Okay, I do have work to do. Hope your weekend is wonderful!

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  1. Love all your pink Trish!! I put my vote in for SYTYCS tonight!