Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Weekend . . .

was fabulous! We are having great weather (I hear it ends Thursday) and this past weekend was fabulous!! I'm repeating myself. We had Ben. He is so cute! Saturday, he woke up at his usual 7:30 a.m. and I said no way! So, Jayme took him and I went back to bed til 9:30. Then we had breakfast, dressed and walked to the store. I took pics but forgot to upload. Will do so later. We played in the yard, swept the yard, had lunch on the porch. I fixed up the "new living room" some more - just added a few more personal touches. It's looking good. I like it. We had dinner, watched some tv and then we were in bed by 10:00. So, when 7:30 a.m. Sunday rolled around, I was ready to get up and get the day started. And it was another fabulous weather day. Ben and I had breakfast and then we walked down to the store cause he wanted sketti and meatballs for dinner. Good thing, too, cause my sister came over and then Amanda and kids came over and then Joey and kids came over (My sister and Joey both have a knack for stopping in at dinner time) and we all sat down to a good dinner (no leftovers), and the children played and it was a really good time. Kayla and Cammi stayed over (no school due to Columbus Day, but I had to work, so it was up to Jayme to hold down the fort). The kids played with the neighbor's granddaughter til about 9:00 and then they each filtered into the living room to catch Charm School. Ben crashed on the couch about 10:00. Kaileen went home about 9:30. Cammi and Kayla colored and then I showed Kayla how to hem her new jeans on the sewing machine. She did a really good job. And we all went to bed by 10:30. Except for Kay. I found her on the couch in the wee hours of the morning with the t.v. still rolling. Covered her. Went back to bed.

It was a fabulous weekend! One for the books . . . or scrapbooks!

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  1. Wow, too bad I dont live closer, I could stop by for dinner *wink* sounds like you had a good time.