Thursday, November 13, 2008

Christmas Cards in the Making

With the aide of a few blog and forum challenges, I hope to stay a touch ahead this Holiday Season. Here are a few of the dozen cards I have made so far:

This week the challenge is Christmas ornaments. I have put it off long enough and will be creating those tonight.

The refrigerator is on its way out. It is. It is slowly dying. What a most unfortunate time for the fridge to go on the blink. There goes the budget and the savings, again.

It has been such a busy week! I had Ben and Kayla over the weekend and Kayla's friend Kaileen came over on Sunday. We went to the Dollar Store and then to the grocery store. After dinner, Ben painted a Santa Claus bank and the girls got out the Science Spa kit and made fizzy bath soaps and sea salt rubs. They were so good and we had so much fun.

Work has been really busy and I am working to get the house in order Ben's birthday party on the 22nd. Mr. Tough Guy will be 4.

Kayla, who was being homeschooled, but is too much a people person and told her Mom she HAD to go to school, made the Honor Roll. Hooray, Kayla!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

So, I said . . .

"Ben, we are going to have a birthday party for you." (Ben will be 4 this month) I said do you want to invite Kayla? Yes! Cammi? Yes! Brendan? NO! Then he decided that he wanted no girls, just boys. Ooookkaaay. Brendan is your only male cousin, Ben. The girls are back on the invite list. That was easy.

Who me? (The look of innocence)

I've been planning out Thanksgiving - the guests, the food, the centerpiece. Every year, it seems I need to go out and buy new glassware and this year is no exception.

It's beautiful here in Pittsburgh. Blue skies and upper 60 degree temps. I hope to have Ben and Kayla this weekend, though I don't know what we will be doing. Probably cleaning out the downstairs kitchen to use as storage for the remaining items Amanda has yet to pick up.

Well, I'm on phones. Have a lovely Thursday!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Did you Rock Your Vote?

I didn't . . . yet. The line was LOOOONNNNGGGG, so I'll have to catch it after work. It is another beautiful day here in Pittsburgh. We are so lucky . . . for now. Though I am so not for this Daylight Savings Time. Really. Aren't the loonies sleeping early in the morning? I think so. Don't they prowl more in the evening after they've had adequate sleep? I think so. I left work yesterday at 5:30 p.m. in total darkness. That was not too cool. Alright. I'll get over it.

This is Ben (in the corner) being terrorized by Brendan. Yeah, Ben just doesn't 'get' the little guy. He's not too crazy about him. But Brendan LIKES Ben.

Brendan LIKES Jade, too. Can't say that Jade feels the same way. The little guy comes off too aggressive. But he's so darn cute!

Ahhh, well. Enjoy your day!

Monday, November 3, 2008


It's time to talk turkey. It is.

And if you are looking for a totally cool Holiday Planning Book then stop by here and customize your own.