Friday, October 23, 2009


My sister is still in the hospital. Maybe she can come home Monday. She will be put on Oxycontin. In three weeks, she will have her first appointment with the oncologist. We are still waiting for the results of the liver biopsy. The spots on her lungs are minute (so far).

Jacob is home and hopefully gaining weight. Brendan, wow! that child has ENERGY!

Ben is with us this weekend. We will pick up Kayla and take the two of them to Funfest for Bobby and Logan's birthday party. Sunday will be a Halloween party at the Church behind us. I've been wanting to check that one out, so this will be good. I also need to decorate the house. And call Joey to remind him to bring the girls next Saturday for a little party at our house.

Jayme's double hernia operation is Tuesday, October 27th. I'll take the day off to get him to the hospital and home again.

I need to update my Christmas Gift List. And clean the house. Lots of laundry. Last night was bowling and we finally won a game, tied the second and lost the third by two lousy pins. BUT, my average is 118 and I bowled way over each game. That's good.

Jim is out today and that makes Friday a little more stress free. Julie and I are working on a closing binder. I'd really like to get it out the door today.

I need paid in the worst way.

Bobby drove me into the office. That was so cool. The leaking pop bottle in my bag was not. I have it all over my pants, ruined Toni's book which I will definitely replace. Hopefully my camera is okay.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Amanda's water broke earlier today. I am sitting by the phone waiting for the official announcement. So exciting! I have been with her for the other births, but this time it will be just her and Jerry. I'll visit in the a.m.

My sister underwent a colonoscopy this morning and a mass was found. We will have biopsy results back tomorrow, but either way she will have surgery on Friday. Praying heavily for good news and a quick recovery.

Just finished watching "The Wrestler". Maybe should have watched something else.

Back to phone vigil.

Ben's Buzz and other things

Baby due Sunday, though Amanda called and it could happen sooner!!!! Sister admitted to hospital yesterday, tests being run, praying for an answer and something curable.

Cropped this past weekend at Sugar Creek, OH. Absolutely gorgeous surroundings! Met some very lovely people. Finished the North Carolina vacation album and a chipboard accordian book of Ben. Currently working on an album for a cousin's granddaughter.

Let's see, bowling with Jayme and his friends Thursday evenings (they needed a fourth player, so I'll alternate with Randy's girlfriend). Trying to get totally caught up here at the office so I can take three days off when the baby arrives.

Upcoming events include a trip to the pumpkin farm and zoo boo and decorating the house for Halloween and our Halloween luncheon.

Ben got buzzed which he totally loves. He is forever rubbing his hand across the top of his head cause it feels "awesome". He and his Dad were riding in the backseat, Mom and me in the front when Ben asked us to please close our windows. We did and I turned to him to see is he was ago. He said he didn't want his hair to get blown.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My New Digs

Our office is a very large rectangle - an inner rectangle surrounded by an outer rectangle. The outer consists of rows of offices, the inner houses most of the AA cubes, the kitchen, lobby, etc. I sat on one side of the rectangle and the persons I worked for sat on the opposite side which equaled quality time spent walking back and forth. When I was told recently that I would be getting the two new hires and they would be sitting on the other side, I asked that they somehow find a way to put me with my people. And here I am. And I have counterspace galore! It's awesome!!! These photos only show two sides, but there is a third wall, with a half counter and a five drawer file cabinet. I'll have to take a better photo.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Saturday was a Picture Perfect Day!

Saturday we went to the Vintage Grand Prix that's held every year in Schenley Park. This photo is one of an attorney I work with and his wife.

The kiddies found a hill to roll down and had a fun time laughing and playing.

We bought some lunch from the vendor and had a picnic on the lawn.

On the way home, we stopped at Frick Park.

And the usual pitstop for ice cream.

And after a very brief rainstorm, a perfect end to a perfect day, a rainbow and then a double rainbow.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Behind Again

I am behind in blogging . . . Again! So much going on. We have a gas leak and now that needs replaced, but it doesn't look like that is going to happen until after July 20th. Still no hot water. But everyone is adapting and my family has been wonderful in supporting us. Also, the pool has been one the best investments in a long time. Every weekend is a pool party with lots of family, good food, togetherness. And I have taken tons of photos and have even gotten back to scrapping and actually finishing the projects. This is only one. I still haven't gotten the hang of the new scanner, so I took photos. Sorry for the glare.

Strike A Pose: Cardstock and Glitter Brad: Bazzill Basics; PP: Pink Paislee; Letters: Doodlebug Doodlebug Sugar Coated Chipboard, Flower: Prima, Lace - Misc. (Shopping for School Clothes, 2008)

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Moving On

Now that the basement has been thoroughly cleaned, the new hot water tank delivered, the furnace order placed, etc., it's time to post those photos from our visit to Chicago, IL.

We traveled by Amtrak. Those coach seats are not as cozy as the site lets on, but we loved the experience of traveling by train.

Kayla and Jayme overlooking the canal.

Jayme was completely invaluable on this trip. He had a wonderful sense of direction and knew how to read a map. Our first stop upon arrival was Grant Park where the Chicago Blues Festival was being held. This is Kayla in front of the Buckingham Fountains.

It rained our second full day in Chicago (our tour the city day). We ventured out anyway.

Kayla fell while crossing the street. One bloody knee, muddy bottom, soaked sweatshirt, visit to Express and $75.00 later, she is one happy and dry[er] little lady.

Since Jayme talked to everyone (the folks were SO friendly), he got the name of a wonderful eatery - Jake Melnick's. This was the fabulous dessert Kayla and I ordered.

We knew we were getting closer to the American Girl Place by all the red shopping bags coming towards us. Kayla's reaction to seeing the store - priceless!

Monday, June 22, 2009

A Few Flood Photos

A few photos. Don't get me wrong, I am truly blessed. I didn't lose my home and anything lost can be replaced, but this was a new and scary experience.

The rising water

Five steps from the first floor

This door was locked, but the water pushed it open.

The firemen had to knock out a part of the fence to get to the gas cap.

The aftermath.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day. . .

. . . to my sweet Dad. Mom and I did a fabulous job cleaning out the flooded basement. My sons were a huge help, too. Especially Joey. He did a knock down job getting rid of tons of debris. Not much was salvagable. I have tons of photos to share, but right now, Mom and Cathy and I are going to lunch. It's gorgeous here today. I still have to replace the back door, possibly the washer and dryer, hopefully not my fire breathing furnace, and I picked up a new water heater on Friday which will be put in tomorrow. Still won't have hot water until we see about the furnace. On the bright side, I have a really clean basement. Mom and I hosed it down with clorox and water yesterday. Oh, and the Red Cross came buy with buckets filled with cleaning supplies, water and cereal. That was so cool!!! Okay, gotta go, later!!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

A State of Emergency

That is what Wilkinsburg, along with two other communities, was declared last night. The storm(s) that blew through here were something out of Twister. I have never seen anything like it. Our street, our yards, flooded. The water was five steps from my first floor. I haven't even gotten up the courage to go look at the damage in the basement. The Fire Department was here, the gas company was here, news reporters were here. Part of the fence was taken down, part of the yard was dug up, the gas was shut off, we currently have no water. It's a nightmare. I was told that I'd probably need a new furnace, maybe a new water heater. Who knows about the floating washer and dryer. And of course, everything will probably need tossed. And that means all my Christmas decorations, Easter and Halloween, too.

Anyway, I have photos. This post was to be about our trip to Chicago, but I'm just not up to it.

I need to go cry again. Later.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A Full Plate

Ben came to the office with me last Thursday. We walked through PPG Square which he loved!

My step-Grandmother (Aunt Lillian) passed away last night. She has been with our family FOREVER! We spent all holidays with her and when we were young, she and Pap would rent a cottage at Presque Isle and take us with them for a week. She made the best homemade noodles and every Christmas dinner was a feast. She will be missed. She will be laid out tomorrow.

Tomorrow is also Kayla's 11th birthday. We will be heading out to Chicago at 11:59 p.m. on the 29 Capitol Limited. Choo! Choo!

I picked up the lovely 4 liter jug today for the prep work before Tuesday's procedure. What fun!

I have, truly have, been working on layouts for SO's month long crop. One is sketched, one is still in the works, and one is finished. I won't be able to get them uploaded before the contest ends, but the inspiration from the challenges has been awe-inspiring. I am back in a scrapping groove.

The Arts Festival kicked off this past weekend. I hope to get to it sometime before it ends. We have the perk of getting to hear the afternoon concerts as the music drifts upwards.

Kayla's last day of school was Monday. I'll be taking off some Mondays so we can have long weekends together.

Well, I expected to be in the office tomorrow, but since I'll be at the funeral home, I have TONS to do here at the office.

Have a great day; have a great weekend!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

I'm Here

It's our "end of the month" here at the office. I've been drowning in paperwork and putting in lots of overtime. I have been scrapping, too, and will post the results once I figure out how to use the new scanner program.

My brother and son's work hours are being cut. Just when Jayme is coming eligible for medical insurance. Figures, but on the bright side, they still have jobs!

But, good things are happening and going to happen. I'll share later.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Weekend

A flash rainstorm and part of the street flooded.

Pretty flowers.

Pretty flowers transplanted.

Friday - Doctors and then shopping and dinner with the folks and my sister.
Saturday - We had Ben this weekend and he was so much fun. My Mom, Sis, and Daughter came over and we transplanted flowers and had a picnic lunch. We all watched the very first episode of "The Closer" together (Mom had missed that one) and later Amanda and I went to the grocers for dinner things. Made a pretzel salad and lemon chicken kabobs.
Sunday - A flash storm and the end of the street flooded. Lots of playtime with Ben. I finished my altered project for Simply Obsessed.
Monday - Mom came over and we whipped up some home fries and eggs for breakfast. She left, Ben's Mom picked him up, my children took theirs to their Dad's for a picnic and I had the house all to myself. I turned off all the t.v.'s, playstations, radios, etc. and enjoyed some audio quiet. Then I cleaned the upstairs bathroom and kitchen and did loads of laundry and got myself ready for the new week.

I hope you had a fun and peaceful weekend!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Happy Memorial Day!

In remembrance for those who have fallen while in the service of our country.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Three Days!

The weather this weekend is to be gorgeous! We'll kick off the weekend with a porch picnic.

Have a fun, safe and wonderful Memorial Day weekend!!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


So, I signed up for Simply Obsessed's Got Talent Crop and the first challenge was posted yesterday. It said ALTER something. Did I read that right??? ALTER??? OMGosh! Altering is so not for me. It's not. So I thought and thought (had a real brainstorming session - it hurt) AND like a light bulb - flash! - I came up with an idea. An idea I liked and will use the end result (if I can pull it off). I've made a list and need to stop at the store on the way home for a few items. I so hope to have it done this evening for uploading tomorrow. I know, I know, there go those good intentions again.

Summer weather is hitting Pittsburgh for this upcoming three (3) III day weekend!! It will be in the 80's!!!! Time to hose off the porch, put out the cushions and make a pitcher of ice tea. The girls (me, Mom, sis, daughter and niece) will be transplanting flowers from flats to pots for decorating our porches. It's something my Mom does for us each year, but she is m-a-k-i-n-g us do it with her this time around. So, we are getting a bucket of chicken and other picnic fair and spending the day together.

Okay, so it's only Wednesday. Shucks! I thought it was Thursday. Dagnabit! No, I'm not wishing my time away, just the work hours. I have a doc's appointment Friday afternoon so I'm comping some time for that. I did something to my leg, can't imagine what, it's not like I exercise or move around too much.

Ben is with us tonight. I'll have to get into Lois Lane mode. Lois to his Batman. I know, I know, he just doesn't get the whole Lois is Superman's girlfriend thing. I prefer Poison Ivy - knock em' out with one kiss, but he isn't in to the whole smoochy thing.

My Ben.

Well, it's lunch time. Think I'll mosey on over to Bruegger's. They have a Tarragon Chicken Salad that is YUMMY!!! Have a wild and wonderful Wednesday!!!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Monday Bloggin'

The weekend was wonderful! Kayla came over on Friday and then Cammi came and stayed over, too. This is Cammi with her splint. She fell off the monkey bars at school. No damage (hopefully, more x-rays this week).

We were up early Saturday for the Church's bi-annual rummage sale. Kayla's best buy of the day was an Olympus Digital Camera, with memory card, batteries, USB, software and instruction book, all for $5.00! This will be a great camera for her to learn on before we upgrade.

There were also lots of yard sales that we HAD to visit. Other good finds were lots of Beanie Babies (those girls!), still in the original wrapper, never-opened, twin sheet sets from Sears; there were two sets and an extra fitted bottom - all five for $1.00!!! Let's see, Kayla and Kaileen each bought a green coke bottle, phones to use for play, binders, earrings. Kayla bought an electric candle for her room, hmmmm, and I think that's it. Cammi bought doll furniture, a porcelain box for her dresser, a Mickey Mouse glass for herself and a Care Bear glass for her sister, hmmm, a few other things, I'm sure, AND a jar of blueberry jam. My 'steals' for the day, besides the sheets, were a book and movie for Jayme, cereal bowls, Christmas party invitations and a Santa cross-stitch book. It was a grand shopping day.

Later, Cammi went home, and Kayla played til it started to rain. We love to walk in the rain and so we did, got to the corner, a bus came, we climbed on and had a rainy evening adventure. Of course we ended up in Squirrel Hill. No weekend is complete without a jaunt to the Hill. Ice cream at Rita's, Panini's at B&N, and a quick stop at Rite-Aid for very large bandages to cover the very large boo-boo Kayla got when she fell.

Once home, she was asleep before I could finish changing us out of wet clothes.

She sleeps.

I am still in the process of de-winterizing the house (though we keep having freezing advisories). I finally put away the Chenille (I LOVE Chenille) and put on new bedding. So pretty.

Sunday, Kaileen made her communion. Kayla got dressed up. She looked very pretty and grown up.

And of course, we topped off the weekend with a visit to Starbuck's, me, Amanda, Kayla and Jayme, then we drove Jayme to work and we all went back to our respective homes and to bed.

All in all it was a wonderful weekend!!! I hope your weekend was lots of fun, too!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Before I Turn In

Fabulous (but cold) weekend! Kayla stayed all weekend; Cammi stayed over Friday. This weekend saw our Church's biannual rummage sale, and tons of yard sales, a rainy adventure, and a communion. Pictures coming soon.

I'm beat. Have a good night!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Weekend Moments in Photos and a Few Words

Brendan recharging.


It was on the cold side this weekend. A favorite mug with steaming, hot tea (refilled often).

I spent a lovely, quiet afternoon (while Ben was with his Mom) curled up on the couch, under my favorite blanket, with my steaming hot tea, savoring every page of loveliness showcased in this issue.

Creating some future vintage for the grandkiddies. This will be a dresser scarf.