Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Draft Checklist for March Goals

1. Scrap 19 layouts/projects: Scrapped 24 layouts
2. Open that Yoga tape and DO IT!: There is still tonight
3. Read 2 books: Diary of Marie Antoinette and O' Pioneers
4. Organize the playroom: Did not do
5. Save $$ towards vacation: Paid train tickets
6. Clean the dining room: There is still tonight
7. Send mail to Cammi and Kayla: Did . . . Not
8. Book the hotel and train for Chicago trip: Booked the room and train
9. Buy dirt and repot the 3 plants: Did . . . Not
10. Sew one project: Did . . . Not
11. Buy a new pair of shoes: Bought two new pair of shoes
12. Earn one badge out of the DO IT BOOK: Earned the "Well Read" Badge
13. Blog more than once a month: Did!
14. Keep a daily journal: More of an every other day journal
15. Complete page kits: Did!
16. Lose 4 pounds: HaaaHaaaHaaa!

Extras: Return adapters to Wal-Mart: Did
Put batteries in camera - ugh: Did
Pay gas and taxes: Paid the gas, taxes on the 15 April 2009

Friday, March 27, 2009

Ohio or Bust

Finally, the weekend we have been waiting for! We will be leaving Pittsburgh around 12:30 and will be adventuring to Columbiana, Ohio for our bi-annual Queen of the Crop Getaway. 47 Hours of non-stop Cropping! The weekend will include a Pajama Party with a Pizza and Build Your Own Salad Buffet, A Special Scrapbook Queen Getaway Game, Prize Giveaways, and Make N Takes. A Yummy Chocolate Fountain, and the Queen's Abandoned Scrapbook Treasure Sale.

The Getaway is held at Das Dutch Village Inn. This is a lovely place to stay and includes the Das Dutch Haus Restaurant, Bakery & Gift Shop (good home cooking!), and the Das Dutch Village Shops. One shop in particular has become a favorite, Das Dutch Cupboard. This shop offers a variety of fresh candy, bulk foods, and bread and soup mixes just to name a few.

No, I am not getting paid to promote them. BUT if you are ever out that way, stop in. It is worth the trip.

I hope to finish two albums this weekend (I always hope to finish way more than what I actually achieve). The first is our 2007 (wow, I am behind!) trip to Ligonier and the second is our 2007 trip to North Carolina. I have all may papers pre-cut and ready to go. I've never been this organized before, it's scary.

Well, I have to get a few things done before I can leave. Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

It's Crunch Time

Serious crunch time. The economic explosion is happening right here in my checkbook. What do I cut back on? What do I do without? What to do? What to do? I will definitely be cutting back on my Starbuck and B&N trips with the girls. We will have to find something else to do on the weekend. More picnics in the park and bus trips (still the cheapest mode of transportation, besides walking, of course) to town to explore the city.

Second, is planting a windowsill garden. Chives, basil, lavender, parsley, mint, thyme, sage and rosemary, for starters.

I won't give up my one subscription to a scrapbook kit club, but I am canceling my membership to a book club and will start using the library (which could be a weekend activity with the girls).

We gave up "fast food" earlier this year and have been cooking each meal from scratch and using leftovers. I enjoy cooking and love using my crockpot, so this has not been a hardship. Plus, we've tried a lot of new recipes.

We will sew more, too. Jo-Ann's has been having some fabulous dollar sales on patterns (a $16+ pattern can be got for $1.99 or less!)) and on fabric. A recent fabric purchase was around $60.00, which may seem steep, but it will yield a sundress for each of the three granddaughters, a shorts outfit and enough scraps leftover for doll clothes.

We'll also recycle more. We've begun washing out jars to use for leftovers and finding other uses for what we have on hand. Actually, it's rather like an adventure seeing where we can cut back and how we can come up with new ways to save.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Stuff to Remember

1. I chose O' Pioneers by Willa Cather as my choice for Classic and it's not too bad.
2. Document Sunday (the 22). Once again, the girls were most enjoyable.
3. Return adapters to Wal-Mart.
4. Send e-mail to B&N re Twilight. Why pre-order, when the movie hits the stores first and I could have just bought it then. Frustrating!
5. Bags for crop weekend packed and at office. Don't forget the trimmer!
6. Blue skies again today. Brisk, but lovely.
7. Put batteries in camera - ugh!
8. Don't forget toothpaste, brush, shampoo and conditioner.
9. Pay gas and taxes.
10. Send envelope to Church since missing this Sunday.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

My son Joseph gave me this book entitled "You Can Do It!: The Merit Badge Handbook for Grown-Up Girls" for Christmas a while ago. This book excites me each time I leaf through its pages. The book was written by the late Lauren Catuzzi Grandcolas, a heroine of United Flight 93.

The book is filled with practical advice, step-by-step instruction and lots of encouragement for achieving 60 badge activities. Granted, I will not be earning all of the badges, but this month I am starting with Badge #27 - Get Well-Read. This will probably be one of the easiest badges for me to earn. For example the first three steps (out of 5) are 1. Go Blank - get a journal to track books, read, borrowed, lent, donated, to write down critiques of the book, and certain passages you want to remember; 2. Read a classic; 3. Find out what others are reading. This I can do.

This past weekend was lovely!!! Kayla and I took a bus to Oakland and renewed our membership to the Carnegie Museum. We had such a delightful afternoon exploring. Kayla and I each have our favorite exhibitions at the Museum. Hers are the Discovery Room, and the room where the fabulous eye-dazzling gems are kept.

The gems were stunning and we couldn't pick just one favorite.

Then we moved on through the newly renovated Dinosaur room. Kayla went on a bonehunters dig.

The feature exhibit this season is the "Horse". The hands-on activity was making a galloping horse.

After "exploring" Egypt and North Pole, we had lunch down at the café. Our next visit to the Museum will be to check out the art.

On Sunday, I took Kayla and Kaileen to Squirrel Hill (our favorite place) to buy books at B&N. They both got the same book and started their own book club. I purchased a 3 pack of Moleskine pocket journals and a Somerset Magazine. We HAD to stop at the S.W. Randall to buy new dolls and then we HAD to go to Starbucks for Frappucinos. The girls settled into a big comfy couch and chair and each began reading their books. It was such a good afternoon and they were so cute!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Signs of Spring

It was 56 degrees as I came into town this morning. Absolutely gorgeous!!!!! I am so happy that it will be in the sixties this weekend, I have so much to do!! The girls and boy will be coming over tomorrow to spend the day. That will be fun. I wonder what they will want to eat. I have to do a rather big shopping as we are just about out of everything and I still need a gift for Jade and, oh, I have to make a list. I have so much to do!!

I hope you are enjoying this lovely Friday!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Day 5

Today was lovely, yet brisk. The sky a beautiful blue, a peek of spring to come. Sigh.
I am slowly getting caught up at the office - it has been a busy week.

Stopped at Panera's on the way home to pick up sandwiches for dinner. I wanted Panini's but by the time I got there, they were out of Panini's. Excuse me, it wasn't even 6:00 p.m. yet. How does that happen???

I am so looking forward to the weekend. NOTE TO SELF: Turn clock forward one hour. I'll forget. It's supposed to be in the mid-60's. I hope to turn down the furnace and open the windows - let in some fresh air.

I talked to the girls this evening. It seems Kayla is not feeling well enough to spend the weekend at her Dad's, so I'll be seeing her Saturday. We plan on going to JoAnn Fabrics as they are having a pattern sale and then we'll get lunch somewhere.

Netflixed "The Happening" - it wasn't. Also, "Burn After Reading". That was different and there were some laugh out loud scenes.

Stopped at B&N and picked up two new books. Another Philippa Gregory, a writer whose works I am enjoying thoroughly. The other book is a new-to-me author, Kate Emerson. Another tale set in the days of Henry the VIII. I'll be adding them to my Good Reads section. I just came across that earlier today while blog-hopping and loved the concept. Every year I keep a list of books read. I have handwritten and manually typed lists starting from as far back as the early 80's of books I have read.

Well, it's getting late and I want to read a chapter or two before turning in for the night. And tomorrow is Friday and then the weekend - YES!

On my prayer list:
Terri's Dad and family
Kayla - that her throat feels better soon
Jayme - that he gets medical for that hernia

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Blogging - Day 4

The sky is absolutely stunningly gorgeous today. It's so uplifting. Such a pretty, pretty blue. It's still cold, but it's beautiful. And it's been daylight as I leave the office for home lately, and that makes my soul soar, too. And I get all giddy and can't wait to get home. Tonight Ben will be there. He is always so much fun; he's funny, too. Jayme is making meatloaf, so the house will smell so good when I get there and dinner will be ready and I can just relax and dig in. And Amanda will have been there today, too, and that means the house will be extra clean. Can it get any better than this, I ask you??? I think not. Well, maybe I could hit the lottery, but I'd have to play that first, so that's not going to happen; or maybe all the laundry will magically be washed, dried and put away, or maybe I could wake up 25 pounds slimmer with shiny, straight hair that never grays, or maybe. . . I'll just be happy with all that is today.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

On the 3rd day

Not much today. Jayme and I ended up not going to Cioppino's, the wind was wicked and, for me, it was too far to walk in the bitter cold. We had dinner at McCormick & Schmitt instead. Jayme had the scallops and I had tilapia. It was very good.
It was 7 degrees when I left for work this morning. Brrrrr. Talked to Kayla today. Her voice is so little since she's had her tonsils out (she can be LOUD). She wants to go back to school but her throat is rather sore. She is hoping to go back Thursday. A little ahead of schedule, but if she can do it, then that would be good as this report period is coming to an end.
I finally made a doc's appointment for the headaches. I'm sure my thyroid meds just need adjusted and everything will be back to normal.
Watched American Idol this evening. I like so many of them. It will be interesting to see who the wild cards are.
Well, it's slumber city here. Have a good night!

Monday, March 2, 2009

On the Second Day . . .

So on the first day I made the list now I have to put some type of plan into action. I used the Croc-A-Dile to hole punch my 500 index cards and then attached them with a book ring and then dropped it into my bag. Now I have no excuse to not jot down notes and such. I have one outfit cut and ready to sew for Kayla's Barbie doll(s) (she has, seriously, at least 100 Barbies). I have begun adding embellishments to each of the 19 double page kits I have cut and ready for the upcoming crop. Let's see, I did not open the Yoga tape, thus no exercise. I did water the plants (they look so much perkier), but I still need to buy dirt. In sum, I'm off to a decent start. And I blogged two days in a row.

Jayme and I are going to a fundraiser at Cioppino Restaurant tonight in the strip district. I am looking forward to it, but not to the walk. It's cold out today.

Ben as Leo

Prayer List:
Terri's Father

Sunday, March 1, 2009

March's To Do List

Just a start, but I also have to get started as it's March 1, 2009! Last night was a 60th surprise birthday party for my niece's Mom-in-Law and she was sure surprised! Great fun! Kayla, Brendan and Amanda spent yesterday at the house. Kayla is doing much better. She will be out of school all of next week, but then should be back to 100%. Ben is with us this weekend. I've been Batgirl, Master Splinter, Lois Lane and Fireball to his Batman, Leonardo, Superman and Cowboy Joe (which is really Hellboy, but he knows him as Cowboy Joe). Currently, I am at the office as we are really busy, so I just stopped in to jot down a few items that I REALLY want to accomplish this month.

1. Scrap 19 layouts/projects
2. Open that Yoga tape and DO IT!
3. Read 2 books
4. Organize the playroom
5. Save $$ towards vacation
6. Clean the dining room
7. Send mail to Cammi and Kayla
8. Book the hotel and train for Chicago trip
9. Buy dirt and repot the 3 plants
10. Sew one project
11. Buy a new pair of shoes
12. Earn one badge out of the DO IT BOOK
13. Blog more than once a month
14. Keep a daily journal
15. Complete page kits
16. Lose 4 pounds

Enjoy your Sunday!